What I Use Facebook For

You ever notice alot of people use all those social networking sites now? Most people play games on there, some use it to reconnect with old friends from high school, college, etc.

I have a Facebook account and what I use it for is reconnecting with friends from high school, some from college, and the only 'apps' I use on there is Status Shuffle, which is an app which has funny sayings and things you can put on the wall, Family Feud(my sister is responsible for this, she knows my email and password), Sims Social because I'm a huge fan of the Sims series of games, and Yearbook because it allows me to say good things about people I know. Other than that, I'm never really on Facebook that much. If you look at my blog thingy, you might see something that says Find Me on Facebook. If you clikc on it, it'll take you to my Facebook profile.