Rihanna' Music of the Sun Album Professional Ratings

Is the new Rihanna album HOTNESS officially released? Have u listened to it? How do u compare it to Music of the sun and Good girl gone bad? Which tracks... what do you guys think of rihanna doing a 6th album? rihanna should take it easy and take a few years off like madonna and other artists do album wise and enjoy life because this girl is... Where can I download Rihanna album Loud? I have been looking all over for it. I found Nicki Minaj but not Rihanna s!!! Please help. Which Rihanna album did you like? ... people who followed Rihanna since Music Of The Sun. She blew...That, to this day still is the best album I ve listened to. Rated... Whats the new album Rihanna making? heard Rihanna making a new album anyone know the release date? and what the... Do u think that Rihanna should release another album? ... great songs. What do u think? Should she release another album? Would u buy it? What Rihanna album is the track Emergency Room from? Is Rihanna putting out a new album in summer 2010? I really love Rihanna and want to hear some new albums from her other than... What are your favourite songs of Rihanna s album Rated R? Mine are Rude boy, hard, russian roulette and wait your turn. What album of Rihanna the song Hatin on the club? I just use it on my recording for school. Thanks.

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Rihanna' released date, recorded, genre, Label, Producer, chronology of Music of the Sun Album.

Debut Album, Music of the Sun is Studio album by Rihanna

Released 26-Aug-05

Recorded 2004–05

Genre R&B, dance-pop, reggae-pop, dancehall

Length 52:18:00

Label Def Jam

Producer The Carter Adminstration (exec.), Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers (also exec.), Stargate, Rudy Maya, Johnny Nice, Vada Nobles, Full Force, Poke & Tone

Rihanna chronology
Music of the Sun-2005
A Girl Like Me-2006

Rihanna' Singles from Music of the Sun:

"Pon de Replay" Released: August 26, 2005
"If It's Lovin' that You Want" Released: December 2, 2005

Professional ratings of Rihanna' Album Music of the Sun:

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars
Boston Herald 2.5/4 stars
Canal Pop 4/5 stars
Entertainment Weekly ( C )
The Jamaica Observer 3.5/5 stars
New York Post 2.5/5 stars
The New York Times (mixed)
PopMatters (5/10)
Rolling Stone 2.5/5 stars
Slant Magazine 2.5/5 stars

what is the difference between the explicit and clean version of rihanna s loud album? Accidently bought the clean version. can t hear any really obvious censorship but is still annoying... How come the song Who dat chick is not on Rihanna s Loud Album ? I just want to know and give me good answers please. Should I buy Rihanna Rated R Album or Paramore Brand New Eyes? ok, i wanted to buy a cd idk which one shuld i get thanks! Do you think the beating Chris Brown gave Rihanna will hurt his album sales? What is going to help him sell music? Is he going to have to release unbelievably... Have you listened to Rihanna s new album Rated R? ... back. I never thought much of Rihanna, but this album is a piece of art. It is... What s your favorite Rihanna album? My favorite Rihanna album Is Rated R what is the name of a song please help!! rihanna album? ...of the song that is on the lastest rihanna album and it s track 13 please let me... YOUR OPINION ON the new album by singer Rihanna? YOUR OPINION ON the new album by singer Rihanna? Best Rihanna Album? Good Girl Gone Bad, Rated R or Loud? Which Rihanna album out of ... other albums, but I only care... How did Rihanna go from album Music of the Sun to album Rated R ? she was singing happy songs now they are going sadder and...