Haunted UK


Out of all the places in Europe, England seems to hold the #1 spot for most haunted places!


-Prospect Park: sightings of the Headless Horseman and also a young woman pushing a pram(Victorian England term for a baby carriage). She walks behind a tree and disappears
-Littlecote House: William Darrell, once the owner of the house, haunts this manor. Legend has it that he murdered a newborn by his mistress in the house and the room in which it happened is haunted. The ghost of a woman carrying a baby in her arms has been seen, and also the sounds of a baby crying have been heard. Other female looking ghosts have been seen in the Long Gallery, the Chinese Bedroom and the Gardens.

-Chesterfield Pommegranite Theatre: objects moving by themselves, possibly an old lady responsible. People say this old lady has gray hair, styled like Queen Elizabeth II, wearing a gray dress, mourning the loss of her husband.

-Chillingham Castle: Very famous for torture and killing. This place was the first line of defense against the Scottish. Reports of seeing a boy in blue. Many Scots were captured and killed by John Sage, who was famous on the battlefield, but after he lost his leg, he was given the role of torturer.

-Powderham Castle: Around 12 midnight, if you stand outside the church yard gates, a blue-gray mist appears and if you look close enough, you'll see a 4-5' high figure that walks from the tree outside the gate, across the road, and in to another tree. If you listen very carefully, you can hear chimes from across the water. You must be very still and quiet.

-The Red Lion Pub: Said to be haunted by a young woman named Florrie. Legend has it her husband found out she was guilty of adultery. There was a well inside the pub and her husband threw her down into it. She now haunts the club in search of revenge. People say they feel someone running fingers through their hair, and hear strange noises.

-Kent, Hall Place: 700 years ago, Hall Place was the home of Sir Thomas Atte-Hall. He was killed by a deer in the courtyard and his wife, Lady Constance, apparently upset, threw herself off the tower. Her ghost still haunts the place, and has been seen by a schoolteacher on a school outing within the last 6 months. There are also reports of something called the Black Prince being seen around. The history with him is that he is connected with the story of a maidservant, and both of these figures are seen running through the buildings from time to time. These buildings are in the hands of Bexley Council and are open to visitors anytime.

-RAF Chicksands/The Priory: The Priory used to house both nuns and monks. Legend has it that a forbidden love affair developed between a nun and monk. A ghostly female figure has been seen walking the grounds of The Priory. There is a tunnel that runs form The Priory to the local town that has been sealed for safety reasons. It's also been said that the tunnel was sealed off because there are violent attacks on people by an unseen entity.

-Boggy Woods: Frequently, a tall figure in black has been seen standing on a small bridge of a lake there,  and when it disappears, leaves blow with out any wind
-Brightstone Road: around 3am screaming can be heard. some of the locals say they see a pale white boy crying, and they say he appeared to be between the ages of 15-18. They say they thought that his name was Peter and he disappeared mysteriously and was never found

-Dudley Castle: 4 ghosts here.
  1. The Gray Lady. Thought to be of Dorothy Beaumont, who died of natural causes, thought to be of childbirth. She's said to walk the castle steps because her husband did not come to her funeral.
  2.The Medieval Lady. During a medieval evening in 1983, there was a fancy dress competition there at the castle. In the crowd, the judges spotted an elderly woman wearing sackcloth clothing, she wore a sackcloth shift, a gray shawl, cloth on her feet. They thought she looked authentic, so she won first place.
  3. The Black Monk. Now and then a monk in black habits appears. He has been seen 3 times by staff and seen alot by visitors.
  4. Lady Jane. Was a resident of the castle but was beheaded. She now walks the castle grounds and makes herself known to staff and visitors.
-Graveyard in Arnos Court: a young lady dressed all in black walks around crying over the husband she lost in WWI. She sits and talks to people who she thinks needs guidance. Another female ghost has been spotted here too, she is usually screaming. She does not let anyone near her. She is thought to be the daughter of a family who had buried her. When she did not wake from a coma, doctors started exhuming the body and when she woke up to find herself in a coffin, she died of shock.

-University of Bristol: The Headless Horseman has been seen on his black horse patrolling the streets along Tyndall Avenue. Many students say they see him most late at night when leaving the Art and Social Sciences building.

-The Ostrich Pub: haunted by a man named Jarmen. He was an innkeeper who opened the bar in the Middle Ages. He was not a nice man, he had devised a machine that would tip the rich nobles while they were sleeping through a trapdoor into a pot of boiling oil. The spirits of the nobles are still there, haunting the place today. The haunted room is the pantry, where he would keep the bodies before stealing their money. In the master bedroom, strange presences are felt.

-Bettiscombe Manor: In the back room of this manor there is a human skull! On the very few occasions that it has been removed from the house, it's said the house fills with a loud, screechy, terrible Banshee-like yelling that will not stop until it's returned. And also when outbreaks of war are near, the skull is said to sweat blood!!!!

-Borley Rectory: considered most haunted house in all of Great Britain(England). It's an old rectory built up on a destroyed monastery. It's very creepy, and the small village nearby ended up burning down. There was a story about a nun and a monk planning to run away and get married. They were both captured, the monk was beheaded and the nun was put into the wall of the rectory. Her remains were found when the rectory burned down in 1939.  Many people say they see/hear the nun and monk on the carriage on the Nun's Walk.  Very eerie!!!

-Recolver Castle: mostly in ruins, they founf the body of a Roman child while excavating. After the body was found, people say they hear crying.

-Reculver Towers: Dating back to the Romans, this is a very dark and gloomy place. There is lots and lots of activity here. Onl 2 words describe this place: VERY HAUNTED! This has to be one of the most FRIGHTENING places in all of Kent
-Heathrow Airport: ghost of a man named Dick Turpin has been haunting the area of Heathrow since the 1700s when he was hanged. He is most often found near the runways, riding a brown horse and wearing British Colonial style clothing.
-Royal University of Hathaway: in a private room on the 4th floor Dormitory building, there is a spirit of a young man. He's said to be very sad, and there are multiple ways he haunts the place. 1.) One person stayed there for a week and was awakened in the middle of the night by his antics. The first encounter was at the sink in the room. The water was splashing and running with no one there. 2.) There was someone sitting on the edge of the bed, crying. 3.) This was the last for the room. The ghost was sitting on the edge of the bed, making a visible imprint on the bed. The ghost got up and walked to the window looking out over the courtyard. He was quite visible at this point, so he opened the window, gave a great audible sigh, leaped out the window.

-St. James's Park: there is a report of a headless monk that walks in front of people and disappears. There is a river in the park with a bridge over it, that's where it happens most often.

-Terror Tower: many people were tortured and killed here. Many sightings of ghosts here.

-Tower of London: When you walk through the chambers, you can feel cold spots, many ghosts have been seen here, including 2 children that were found uner the stairs.
-Whitechapel: Jack the Ripper's 1st victim, Polly Nicols, was found here. Her ghost haunts the spot where her body was found.

Lyme Regis
-The Angel Pub: objects appear/disappear, sudden, intense cold has been felt. Doors open/close. The ghost here is the daughter of a former publican. She is said to haunt only the upper parts of the club which are private, this is generally just a very creepy place.
Rainsworth Mine: haunted by an old employee who was killed when a rock fell on him, crushed his spine and he died 4 hours later from internal bleeding.

-Newstead Abbey: Several ghosts haunt this mansion, one is called the White Lady and the other is called The Black Widow. Many people have seen the White Lady, and when they try to communicate with her, she disappears. Now, if the Black Widow is seen, RUN! She's said to put a curse on someone to ruin their life.
Praa Sands
-Pengersick Castle: very good candidate for most haunted place in Britain. Strong female presence in the bedroom. Objects move by themselves and sudden, intense drop in temperature.

-About 8 years ago, 2 brothers went to a nightclub and took Ecstasy tablets. Both climbed on to the roof of the building and started dancing, but they both lost their balance and fell off the building and fell to their death. From 12:00 midnight to 3am their ghosts have been seen dancing on the roof of the now abandoned club. These brothers have been seen 5 times so far.

-Stockbridge Bypass: yet again another nomination for most haunted place in all of Britain. This is the most dangerous road in history. People say they see ghosts of little girls who suddenly appear on the road, causing them to crash. One night, there was a security van parked there to investigate strange noises, and the driver reported hearing someone banging on the roof. When one of the guards got out to check, the other one looked through the back window to see a monk looking through the window, punching the car. They called the police and they were told the same thing, that they saw the same thing.
-RAF Woodbridge: haunted by someone called East End Charlie. Charlie was a German WWII pilot, who was flying his badly damaged plane back to what he thought was Germany. Instead, he crash landed at the east end of the runway at RAF Woodbridge.
Woodchester Mansion
-Alot of dark magic has been practiced here and the spirits of the tortured victims who were sacrifices still roam around. Thousands of people, including children were tortured and murdered here. Sounds of knocking, screaming, voices, children crying and chandeliers swinging can be detected here.

-Thomas Danby College: Was once an old convent built by Thomas Danby and then converted into a boys school and then college as it is today. Sister Mary McEvoy was a once a woman of noble Scottish blood, who was sent to the nunnery by her mother when she found out Mary was pregnant. Mary gave birth in secret, never seeing her child as it was taken away and buried beneath the East Wing. In room 321, there have been reports of hearing crying, and the ghost of a woman has been seen there 15 times.

-Braemar Castle: over 200 years ago, a newly married couple moved into the castle to spend their wedding night. In those days, it was respectable for women to stay virgins until their wedding night and many were pretty much stupid to what was expected of them when it came to sex. The story goes that the young woman woke up after her wedding night to find her husband gone. Unable to find him, she assumes that she was not a good person in bed. With shame and confusion driving her, she threw herself out the tower window. There had been a mistake, as her husband was in fact gone hunting at the crack of dawn and had not wanted to wake her up. The ghost of the woman is said to return to the room where she died whenever newlyweds stay at the castle.
-Greyfriar's Churchyard/Cemetery: There was a dog named Greyfriar's Bobby who faithfully stoof guard on the grave of his master. In late 1998, a grave in the cemetery was accidentally disturbed, a number of paranormal activities have been happening. Because of the hgh number of intense ghostly activity, this area has been called The Black Mausouleum; cold spots are felt, a sweet, nauseating smell, unseen watchers, people being grabbed, knocked unconscious, people coming out of the mausoleum with cuts and bruises after feeling something touching them. The ghost is thought to be of George Mackenzie, the persecuter of The Covanenters, who died and was entombed in 1691.
Glamis Castle
-Haunted by 'green ladies'. Entities of pure green. There are countless tales of death, misery, chaos, etc. Because of this, the castle has an eerie aura. One of these tails tells the story of a monstrous beats who accomodated one of the rooms, who was said to live for more than 100 years.

-Leap Castle: aka The Bloody Chapel. Up to 20 spirits haunt this 14th century castle. A warrior supposedly slaughtered his brother over the altar, a priest who runs past the doorway.
-Olivands Hill: easily the highest point in town, the top of the hill was an old famr house with 5 old oak trees nearby. Local criminals were taken here to be hung. The most famous hanging was that of a young woman. She was heavily pregnant  at the time and rather than face the shame of pregnancy before marriage, she hung herself. She haunts the grounds and the house itself. She is said to be wearing an old gray dress, weeping.

-Black Death Hospital: lies in a paddock on Roscre Island. It is very well known by locals so sk for the right place. The place was a children's hospital for kids suffering from the Black Death. 10 years ago, people were excavating to put in new sewer pipes and suddenly bones and skeletons of 50+ kids fell into the pit. At night, avoid this place, the spirits of the kids will lure you to your death so you can join them.