Rihanna' A Girl like Me Album Professional Ratings

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Rihanna' released date, recorded, genre, Label, Producer, chronology of A Girl like Me Album.

Second Album, A Girl like Me is Studio album by Rihanna

Released 19-Apr-06

Recorded October 2005–February 2006

Genre R&B, dance-pop, dancehall, reggae

Length 46:16:00

Label Def Jam

Producer The Carter Adminstration (exec.), Ne-Yo, Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers (also exec.), Poke & Tone, Stargate, J. R. Rotem, The Conglomerate, Mike City

Rihanna chronology
Music of the Sun-2005
A Girl like Me-2006
Good Girl Gone Bad-2007

Rihanna' Singles from A Girl like Me:

"SOS" Released: February 7, 2006
"Unfaithful" Released: July 17, 2006
"We Ride" Released: August 21, 2006
"Break It Off" Released: December 14, 2006

Professional ratings of Rihanna' Album A Girl like Me:

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars
Blender 3/5 stars
Entertainment Weekly (B-)
The New York Times (unfavorable)
PopMatters (6/10)
Rolling Stone 3/5 stars
Slant Magazine 2.5/5 stars
USA Today 2.5/4 stars
Vibe 4/5 stars
The Washington Post (favorable)

Does anyone know if Rihanna is releasing and album late this year or early next year? And if so may I have details? Shes a pretty good singer I guess Would you still listen to Nas if he made a hit album with Rihanna? Whats your favourite song from Rihannas new album? ...either Rude Boy or Rockstar 101. I also like Rihanna ft.Justin Timberlake - Hole In My Head, though... Can anyone tell me all the songs on Rihannas new Loud album? Can anyone give me the names of Rihannas songs on her album Loud :) What are all the songs on Rihanna Rated R album? I know most of the songs but I cant find the rest. Ive looked online but couldnt find them... What direction do you think Rihanna will go towards in her next album? What type of music is Umbrella by Rihanna from the album Good Girl Gone Bad? I think I heard it was R&B, but Im not sure... I thought she did pop or something. 1 Stars In Other - Music - Asked by catnipica - 19 answers - 4 years ago How many songs are on Rihannas new album? What is the best song on Rihannas album Rated R? Any shirts having to do with Rihannas new album, Rated-R? ... something relating to her new album on it. I really like her new album a lot :)