Uhhhh, Okay, Ideas, IDK!

I'm a lil dry on ideas, so I guess out of boredom, I'll just put pics of some of my favorite cute guys, musicians and actresses or women I think are pretty. Seriously, boredom is fueling me right now!!!!!!! Well, all I know is, people can rest assured I don't judge looks, I like any guy who's nice. They can look like Keith Richards, but if they treat me nice, then sweet, fine with me! Looks don't matter!!



Steven Tyler- Aerosmith
-In 2003, was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and said he'd suffered from it for 11 years
-Newest judge on American Idol

Joe Perry- Aerosmith
-Influenced by The Rolling Stones and The Beatles
-Is of Italian, more specifically Napolitan, and Spanish descent

Ronnie Wood- The Rolling Stones
-By July 2008, it was noted that Ronnie had entered rehab 6 times for alcohol abuse
-Plays lap and pedal steel guitar, bass, harmonica, sax, drums, vocals.

Mick Jagger- The Rolling Stones
-Joined the new group SuperHeavy

-Has done acting, from playing the title role in Ned Kelly, to playing a mercenary named Victor Vacendak in Freejack, a womanizing ex-rock star in Performance, the owner of a male escort service named Luther Fox in The Man from Elysian Fields, a drag queen named Greta in Bent

He sure does like to take his shirt off an awful lot, not to mention show off his chest and stomach! But IDK why, but it's so sexy!!!!
Paul Stanley- KISS
-In KISS, he's known as the Star Child
-Has undergone 2 hip replacement surgeries and fears he'll have to undergo another one, which he blames for wearing platform boots all those years

Adam Levine- Maroon 5
-He is a massive car junkie, his favorite car being a 1971 Mercedes 280 SE 3.5 Cabriolet
-Stripped completely naked for a testicular cancer ad for a centerfold in Cosmopolitan UK's February 2011 issue

From the Moves Like Jagger video, and talk about irony. The REAL Mick Jagger shows up in the video and starts shaking his hips in it!
Kelly Hansen- Foreigner
-Is the 3rd lead singer for Foreigner, his predecessors being Lou Gramm and Johnny Edwards
-Joined Foreigner in 2005

Seal- sings the song Kiss from a Rose
-Born in Paddington, London, England
-Is of Nigerian, Brazilian background
-The scars on his face are from a type of Lupus called Discoid Lupus Erythematosus, which results in the classic 'butterfly rash' across the cheeks and nose
Aw, how sweet. These 2 are a cute couple

George Harrison(When he was younger!)
-Considered to be the shyest Beatles member
-Was a huge fan of Monty Python's Flying Circus
-His son Dhani Harrison looks like an exact copy of him

Daniel Radcliffe- Harry Potter
-In 2009, he starred in public service announcements for the Trevor Project, which promotes awareness of gay teen suicide
-Did a scene totally nude for the London play Equus
The December Boys

Jim Sturgess
-Born in London, England. So if you watch Across the Universe, the English accent is real!
-Took the lead role of Ben Campbell in 21, which is about a group of MIT students who take Las Vegas for millions by counting cards

Across the Universe
Jet Li
-Practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism
-Made his American film debut by playing Chinese Triad snakehead Wah Sing Ku in Lethal Weapon 4. During filming, the cameras had to be slowed down because he was so fast
Cradle 2 the Grave, character named Su

Chow Yun-fat
-Grew up virtually penniless in Hong Kong, in a farming community
-In the movie Bulletproof Monk, he played the Asian stereotyped role of a martial arts expert, despite not knowing martial arts in real life

John Lee, The Replacement Killers

Michael Imperioli
-Best known for his role as Christopher Moltisanti on The Sopranos
-His father was a bus driver and amateur actor named Dan Imperioli
Det. Fitch on Detroit 1-8-7

Christopher Moltisanti on The Sopranos

Sylvester Stallone
-His 2 best known roles are of 4th rate boxer Rocky Balboa and Vietnam War-era veteran John Rambo
-When his mother was giving birth to him, doctors used forceps to pull him out, resulting in a severed nerve in his cheek, which gives him his characteristic droopy mouth
As Deak DaSilva in Nighthawks. Hm, he looks good with facial hair

As Det. Ray Tango in Tango & Cash

Denzel Washington- hottie!!!!
-Has portrayed various real life figures, such as Frank Lucas, Melvin B. Tolson, Steven Biko, Malcolm X, Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter, Herman Boone
-Since he is a devout Christian, he has thought about becoming a preacher
IDK why, but his smile is just strangely sexy!!!

Hill Harper
-Born in Iowa City, Iowa to Harry Harper, a psychiatrist, and Marilyn Hill, one of the first black anesthesiologists in the US
-Adopted the name Hill as a tribute to his maternal and paternal ancestors
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes, CSI:NY

His eyes win me over!!!

Richard Hammond- Top Gear UK
-Known as "Hamster" by fans because of his short stature
-Married to a woman named Amanda Etheridge and has 2 daughters, Isabella, nicknamed Izzy and Willow

B.D. Wong
-Is openly gay, has a relationship with talent agent Richie Jackson and in 2000, they both had twin sons Boaz Dov, who died 90 minutes after birth, and Jackson Foo Wong, who were both born through a surrogate mother
-Best known roles: George Huang(Law and Order:SVU, below), Father Roy Mukada(Oz), Henry Wu(Jurassic Park), Song Liling (M. Butterfly)
As Dr. George Huang on Law and Order:SVU

Actresses/Ladies I think are Beautiful

Halle Berry
-Won an NAACP Image Award for Introducing Dorothy Dandridge
-Revlon spokesperson

Kate Winslet
-Her acting started on a Sugar Puffs commercial
-Was the 2nd of 4 children

Viola Davis
-Born on her grandma's farm in St. Matthew's, South Carolina, the youngest of 6 kids
-Primarily a stage actress

Lucy Liu
-Openly supports gay rights and gay marriage
-Lives with her brother Alex Liu and his wife in New York
A female Samurai warrior

Michelle Yeoh
-Hong Kong-based Malaysian actress
-Ambassador for Save China's Tigers foundation, committed to preserving the South China Tiger

Meg Ryan
-In January 2006, adopted a little girl from China named Daisy True
-Currently linked to American rocker John Mellancamp

Mariska Hargitay
-Daughter of Jayne Mansfield
-Founded the Joyful Heart Foundation, which helps victims of rape and sexual abuse

Queen Latifah
-Real name: Dana Elaine Owens
-In 2003, had breast reduction surgery

Alfre Woodard
-Birth name: Alfre Ette Woodard
-Born to a homemaker and interior designer

Marisa Tomei
-Acting breakthrough came in 1992, with the movie My Cousin Vinny
-Has dual citizenship to Italy and the US

As Mona Lisa Vito in My Cousin Vinny

Alicia Keys- singer
-American soul singer, pianist and occasional actress
-Her inspirations include Marvin Gaye, Prince, Barbra Streisand

Tamara Tunie
-Starred as Mrs. Jackie Heath in The Devil's Advocate
-Best known for the role of M.E. Melinda Warner on Law and Order:SVU
As Dr. Melinda Warner on Law and Order:SVU