Rolling Stones Women: Anita Pallenberg

Anita Pallenberg
Name: Anita Pallenberg
DOB: Jan. 25, 1944
Where: Rome, Italy
Residence: London, England
Occupation: actress, fashion designer, artist, former model
Partner: Keith Richards
Children: Marlon Richards, Angela Richards, Tara Richards

-Italian born actress, model, fashion designer. She was the romantic partner of Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones and later on Keith Richards, who treated her like a princess. They dated from 1967-1979, with whom she has 2 surviving kids

Early Life
-Pallenberg was born in German-occupied Rome, the daughter of Armando Pallenberg, an Italian artist and Paula Wiederhold, a German secretary. Anita became fluent in 4 languages at an early age and studied medicine, picture restoration and graphic design.
-Got involved in the Living Theatre, where she would star in the play Paradise Now, which featured on-stage nudity.

Romantic involvements
-Known for her involvement with Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones, who she met in 1965 in Munich, and Keith Richards, who she left Jones for in 1967 while in Morocco. She remained in a relationship with Richards until 1980 even though they never married. There were also rumors that her and fellow Stones member Mick Jagger had an affair during the filming of the movie Performance. When Pallenberg found herself pregnant, Keith had the shocking possibility that the father might be Mick, since in the movie Performance, the sex scenes between Mick and Anita were not faked, so they really had sex.

-They have 3 kids together: son Marlon, daughter Angela, and a 2nd son, Tara who died in his crib 10 weeks after birth

Influence on the Rolling Stones
-She supposedly influenced the Rolling Stones from the late 1960s and through the 1970s.
-Jagger respected her opinion enough that tracks on Beggar's Banquet were remixed when Pallenberg criticised them. Pallenberg is credited with singing backup vocals on Sympathy for the Devil.
-In 1981, after Richards and Pallenberg had split up, Richards said that he still loved her, although he had met future wife Patti Hansen. In a 1985 Rolling Stone interview, Mick Jagger claimed that Pallenberg "nearly killed me" when he was asked whether The Rolling Stones had any responsibility for the drug addictions of people close to the band.

-Singer Marianne Faithfull, Jagger's 1960s girlfriend, remained a friend of Pallenberg's. They both appeared in an episode of the BBC comedy Absolutely Fabulous, in episode 4 "Donkey". Faithfull played God and Pallenberg played the Devil in a dream sequence that Edina Monsoon(Jennifer Saunders) has after a crash diet.