The New Years Eve 3 Way

Tis' the season - skirts are short, our spirits and our heels are higher. In a sea of sequins, I'm wondering how not to look like the next girl on the dance floor tomorrow? As discussed on the FB page, in the battle of New Year's Eve dresses - Danni vs. Lucindaof French Connection India, the round went to.. drumroll.. The Danni!! - a pretty lil' Hervé Léger doppelgänger! :) 

My biggest concerns with shopping party dresses in the holiday season is walking into my party to find 3 girls wearing the exact same dress! Eeep! And so my dresses have always been self-made, designer or vintage, NEVER high street! This year though, I made an exception with the Danni. She shimmered quietly in her corner of the FCUK store and even from a distance I was in bodycon love! Of course, even as I was getting mine, I had a mini tug of war with this beautiful girl for one in my size and I instantly knew I HAD to find a way to wear this differently!

Here I style it 3 ways. FCUK - 3 ways. Yes and once you've washed your dirty mind with some soap, lets move on ;)  

Look 1: Danni + Statement Necklace From ROC Store + Zara Glitter Heels + Gold Metal Clutch + Stockings (I don't know bout you brave souls but I get really cold! )
Look 2: Danni + Statement Mirror Belt + Ring from ROC Store + Pencil Skirt from Mango + Black Pumps + Sequin Clutch 
Look 3: Danni + Leather Leggings from Zara + Gold Collar Necklace and Cut-out Cuffs from ROC Store + Black Boots from Dior + Ameko Cross Body Bag 

Now go ahead and tell me what you're wearing this New Year's Eve so I can turn up in the other! ;)