The Irresistably Sweet Blog Award

A blog I follow, JandJ Productions gave me some kind of award for blogs, I guess. They say the rules are you have to post 7 things about yourself and label like 10 other bloggers. Well, that should not b hard 2 do.....

1. I'm totally in love with everything 1960s

2. I'm totally in love with the music of The Rolling Stones. Explains my username, huh? Jaggerfan1. My username pretty much tells you which one in The Rolling Stones I like.....
^This one, lmao. Love his lips!!

3. I for some reason love movie soundtracks, I guess I inherited that from my dad. He was an avid movie lover
4. I'm, according to my mom, a reincarnated hippie

5. When I don't have my face stuffed into a book reading, I'll be jamming out to Def Leppard, who I just recently bought the Rock of Ages album of.

6. When it comes to music, I'll listen to almost ANYTHING!

7. I proudly admit I think Mick Jagger is the sexiest man alive, even at 68!!!!!!!

8. I'm absolutely in love with watching almost any British TV show. Thanks to my stepdad

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