Sly Cooper 3: Honor Among Thieves

Sly Cooper 3: Honor Among Thieves
-Plaftform stealth video game created by Sucker Punch Studios

-Set one year after the events of Sly Cooper 2: Band of Thieves, Sly Cooper and Bentley attempt to open the Cooper Vault on Kaine Island with the help of unknown allies. The owner of the island, Dr. M, runs into them and as they escape, a monster grabs Sly. During this scene, Sly's life flashes before his eyes. In order to get past Dr. M's extensive security, Sly realized that in order to get into the Cooper Vault, he would need a team of specialists.
-First, Sly and Bentley decide to find Murray, who after the incident of Bentley ending up in a wheelchair, learns that a mob boss named Octavio, who is coincidentally an opera singer in Venice, Italy, where Murray was last seen. Sly catched up with Dimitri, a former French nightclub owner, who agrees to help Sly find Murray if he will distract Carmelita Fox while she briefs her fellow Italian police officers on Sly and Octavio. After being chased around Venice by her, he runs into Murray, who tells Sly that he has moved onto a life of peaceful meditation by a peace loving figure known as The Guru. Murray refuses to join the gang until he sees that the canals of Venice are once again clear. Octavio has polluted the canals with black oil in an attempt to force the city into the loving of opera again, by polluting the water and sinking buildings. Afetr some precise planning, they sabotage Octavio's comeback recital, after which he injures Bentley, forcing Murray to rejoin at the need of his friend.
-After that, Murray takes them to meet his mysterious leader known as the Guru. He lives in Yuendumu, Northern Territory, Australia. When they arrive, they find that miners have taken over the Outback and turned it into an industrial nightmare. Sly learns that the Guru refuses to leave unless he has his mysterious Moon Stone and staff. After Sly gets them, he graciously returns them to the Guru, agreeing to help only if they help him clear the land of miners. To do so, they must destroy something called the Mask of Dark Earth, which makes it's wearer an out of control giant. After Carmelita goes after Sly, she somehow gets the mask on her and grows hugely. In order to remove it, Sly must climb up her bootlegs and cut off the links on the mask. After it's off, The Guru joins the Cooper gang
-They next go to Kinderjik, Holland, in the Netherlands. In a desparate need of an RC pro, Bentley meets a Dutch mouse named Penelope online, who agrees to join if they can take down her boss, The Black Baron, an expert pilot who hosts his own flying competition called the ACES Flying Competition. The gang enter Sly in the competition and while there, they meet Dimitri, who tells them where the flight roster is if he returns a favor for Dimitri. Then Sly runs into an old enemy, Muggshot, an enemy from the first game, Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. He learns Muggshot is also a pilot in the cometition. Bentley comes up with a plan of taking down the Baron which involves Sly fighting the Baron on the wing of a plane flying in midair. He reveals himself to be Penelope, who said she entered the competition because she was too young to enter. She joins the gang after they are declared winner
-They now discover they need a demolitions expert. That's when Bentley decides they need someone called The Panda King, who is also an old enemy of Sly's. After finding he left his life of crime for a more peaceful life of meditation, they confront him nad he will only join if they agree to help him get his daughter back, Jing King, who is lawfully forced to marry an evil general named General Tsao. During this time, Murray locates and recovers the old team van, who is helped by Penelope and then the Panda King. Sly defeats Tsao while riding bareback on the top of a flying Chinese dragon. After rescuing Jing King, Tsao is arrested by Carmelita Fox.
-Later on, Dimitri e-mails Sly and reminds him to keep the favor. So Dimitri buys 1-way tickets on a cruise to a place called Blood Bath Bay, the Caribbean Sea. There, Sly learns about Dimitri's grandfather, Reme Lousteau, who was an expert at deep sea diving and had his gear and treasure stashed there, but was stolen by Black Spot Pete. They find that the map has been stolen by someone called Captain LeFwee. After pulling off jobs, they find Reme Lousteau's treasure and gear, only to have Captain LeFwee kidnap Penelope and steal the treasure. Dimitri keeps the diving gear. After preparing to fight, they confront LeFwee, Bentley managing to outwit him. During their escape, Bentley is hurt and Penelope fights LeFwee, who get eaten by sharks. Dimitri joins the team as their frogman
-The game returns to the present, where Sly is fighting with Dr. M. As he is about to be devoured, Sly realized he's been "cowardly" towards Carmelita. After seeing Bentley and Penelope together, he realizes what life is about. Just then, Carmelita arrives on the island with mercenaries, intending to capture Dr. M. She ends up fighting it out at sea. After the fight, the gang all work to retrieve Sly's cane, which is the key to the vault and fight Dr. M several times. After fighting security, they finally enter the Cooper vault, where Sly sees history of his ancestors. Dr. M manages to break into his vault and fight Sly again. Sly emerges as winner. Together Carmelita and Sly escape when the cave is collapsing. The rest of the Cooper gang find a calling card and Sly's cane next to an opening into the vault containing the entire wealth of the Cooper clan.
-The game ends showing the characters all in different paths, Dimitri is a rich scuba diver, The Panda King returns to China, living 2 doors down from his daughter, Murray completes his training with the Guru