-Made in 1997
-Revolves around the persecution of homosexuals in Nazi Germany after the murder of a Nazi leader named Ernst Rohm on the Night of Long Knives
-The name Bent derives from British slang for gay or homosexual

-Max(Clive Owen) is a promiscuous gay man in 1930s Berlin. He is an odd man out because of his sexuality. One night, much to the hate of his boyfriend Rudy(Brian Webber II), Max brings home a handsome Sturmabteilung man(Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). Unfortunately, he does so on the night of the long knives, with that, Hitler ordered to kill the upper levels of the Sturmabteilung corps. The man is killed by SS men in Max and Rudy's apartment and they flee to Berlin.

-Max's uncle Freddy(Ian McKellen) has organized papers for Max, but he refuses to leave Rudy behind. As a result, Max and Rudy are found and arrested by the Gestapo. They are put onto a train headed for Dachau, which has a sign at the front marked arbeit macht frei, which in German reads Work will set you free. On the train, Rudy is brutally beaten to death by the guards. As Rudy calls out to Max, Max lies to the guards, denying he is gay. He thinks his chances for survival in camp will be better if he is not assigned the pink triangle, so instead he accepts the yellow start, indicating he is Jewish.

-In the camp, Max falls in love with Horst(Lothaire Bluteau), who shows him that dignity lies in knowing one's beliefs. After Horst is killed when a guard orders him to the electric fence, Max is ordered to bury him. When the guards have left, Max puts on Horst's jacket with the pink triangle and kills himself by grabbing the electric fence.

Clive Owen as Max
Lothaire Bluteau as Horst
Ian McKellen as Uncle Freddie
Brian Webber II as Rudy
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Wolf
Mick Jagger as Greta
Jude Law as Stormtrooper
Paul Bettany as Captain
Rachel Weisz as Prostitute