Style Award

According to one of the blogs I follow, they gave me some kind of style award. Now here's 7 random things about me:

1.)My favorite bands are The Rolling Stones, Foreigner, Aerosmith and The Beatles
2.)I'm probably the only girl you'll meet who can look at Mick Jagger at 68 years old and say he's sexy
3.)My favorite movies are Freejack, Kiss of the Dragon, and Rocky
4.)I'm a coffee drinker
5.)I enjoy learning to play pool
6.)Alot of the TV I watch is British TV, because my stepdad gets me hooked on it, so my top 4 fave British TV shows are Mr. Bean, Top Gear, My Family, and Primeval
7.)Sometimes I wish I was as beautiful as Kate Winslet
8.)Some day, I want to travel to Australia, China, Japan, Italy, and London
9.)Some day, I would love to live in 1 of 4 places: China, Japan, London, Australia
10.) I recently lost my dad, back in Septemer to pneumonia, and to this day, I can't think about him without crying, I really miss him!