Famous People with Dual Citizenship

This one kind of came up as a random thought, believe me! I thought I would do a post about famous people who have dual citizenships because there are famous people in the world who are citizens in more than one country. Here are some of those people:

Salma Hayek
-Mexican and US citizenship

Hugh Jackman
-US and Australian citizenship

Jim Carrey
-US and Canadian citizenship

Anthony Hopkins
-US and Wales citizenship

Nicole Kidman
-US and Australian citizenship

Keith Urban
-US and Australian citizenship

Naveen Andrews
-US and British citizenship

Ioan Gruffudd
-US and Welsh citizenship

Marisa Tomei
-US and Italian citizenship

Mick Jagger
-US and British citizenship

Jesse Spencer
-US and Australian citizenship

Jet Li
-US, Chinese and Singaporean citizenship

Chow Yun-fat
-US and Chinese citizenship

Hiroyuki Sanada
-US and Japanese citizenship

Natalie Portman
-US and Israeli citizenship

Jean Reno
-US and French citizenship

Olivia Wilde
-Irish and US citizenship

Elizabeth Taylor
-British and US citizenship