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Plot of the Game
-In modern day Hong Kong, a policeman goes missing. The department is confused by the disappearance until they get a ransom from an unknown source. The kidnappers request that a single officer appear at Kowloon Market. Lee, the chief of police, believes this to be a trap and plans to send in a squad. One officer, Jerry Ying, disqualifies himself from this role, claiming his appearance will blow the cover he's used to infiltrate a Triad group called Dragon Claw. Instead he suggests Insp. 'Tequila' Yuen. He decides to go to Kowloon alone, despite Lee's orders. He is attacked by Triads, proving Lee's hunch correct. After dispatching them, he finds the missing officer's badge, only to find a bullethole through the center, and a picture of the dead officer. While in a standoff with the Triads, Tequila receives a tip that the officer was killed by a group called the Imperial 9s, located in Tai O. While in Kowloon, Tequila stops in a teahouse owned by the Triad called Golden Kane where he gets the drink he is nicknamed after. At one of the tables, the Imperial 9s are making a deal with Golden Kane regarding forged passports. Upon the Golden Kane's reps hearing the man at the bar is a cop, the I9 rep panics and shoots the Golden Kane rep. Shortly after, the I9 is killed by Tequila. Angry the cop broke the deal, the Golden Kane bouncer Kwong Fang attacks Tequila, only to be gunned down. After leaving the teahouse, Tequila informs his boss that he's going to Tai O to investigate more.

-He also throws in that during the deal, he overheard the I9s are working under Dragon Claw. Upon arrival, Tequial asks a local fisherman if he knows anything about the Triad's activity. The fisherman responds that Tai O is under I9 control and that Golden Kane is trying to capture it. He says that the Dragon Claw leader, James Wong, is currently residing on a boat in Tai O. Tequila tracks down Wong and is introduced to the 2 top men, the "large enough to have his own street address" Dapang and Jerry, the undercover officer who Tequila trained. Wong reveals that teh Golden Kane killed the officer and pinned it on the I9s. Tequila, knowing the Dragon Claw to be one of the oldest and biggest Triad groups, asks why Wong has not struck back. His reason is that Golden Kane has allied with a Russian mob group based in Chicago, the Zakarovs, who have kidnapped his daughter Billie and granddaughter Teko. The Russian mob plans to hold them for ransom for a slice of Dragon Claw territory in Hong Kong.

-Since Wong can't directly move against the Zakarovs, he asks Tequila to go retrieve hsi family. He needs a man who isn't affiliated with Dragon Claw but cares enough about Billie and Teko to risk his life for them. Tequila agrees to go find them. After this deal, Golden Kane strikes against Dragon Claw's base in Tai O and Wong charges Tequila with blowing the place to pieces so he can escape. Since it's in police interest, Tequila agrees, planting C4 charges on his way out of Tai O. Before leaving for Chicago, Tequila makes a stop at the Golden Kane owned restaurant Mega, where the Golden Kane leader Yung Yi is holding an internet conference with Damon and Vladimir Zakarov. Seeing the Zakarovs are recognized as philanthropists while having high status in teh underground criminal world, the relatively young and inexperienced Yung plans to head to Chicago himself to see how Zakarov's organization is run. He also mentions Billie and Teko, as Golden Kane is to be the middleman in the fight between the Zakarovs and Dragon Claw. During the conference, Yung's right hand man Ty Lok gets a call that they've got unexpected company, and offers to stay and deal with them while Yung escapes. Angered that Tequila is still alive after Golden Kane's tries on killing him, Yung agrees and exits, where shortly after, Tequila arrives in the conference room and is attacked by Lok, who wields an oversized gun and belt of grenades. Tequila emerges the winner after a fight

-In the Zakarov's penthouse in Chicago, Yung receives word of Lok's death and destruction of the Mega restaurant. He tells the messenger to do a favor for him and kill himself. Following the phone call, Yung is approached by Damon Zakarov, who offers to show him his histroy museum. Bored by this, Yung agrees to go along. As Damon and Yung leave, Vladimir Zakarov glances at a nearby surveillance camera screen and notes 2 men have arrived in the parking garage

-As Tequila and Jerry pull into the garage, Jerry pulls out his phone and texts Wong on the current info, telling Tequila he needs to keep Wong thinking he's working for him. The 2 split up, with Tequila covering the lower floor of the penthouse and Jerry covering the upper floor. This plan goes bad when the voice of Vladimir booms through the penthouse's PA system claiming to have dealt with Tequila's friend. He fights his way through Zakarov's penthouse to the top floor, eventually coming face to face with Vlad and a gauntlet of trip mines. As he makes his way to Zakarov's glass windowed office, Vlad opens fire with a rocket launcher  from the chopper, hovering outside. Tequila shoots Vlad, causing him to fire a rocket into his own chopper. On his way out of the penthouse, Tequila finds a wounded Jerry and helps him out.

-Tequila buys a ticket to the Zakarov's museum, and enters to find Damon and Yung negotiating the exchange of Billie and Teko. Damon changes the plans at the last minute, letting Yung take Teko back to Hong Kong saying he'll bring Billie himself. After a fight between the Zakarov groups and Golden Kane, Yung agrees to leave with Teko. Damon retreats into the museum, holding Billie hostage and Tequila gives chase. He eventually finds and shoots Damon dead in the fossil section. He tearfully reunites with his wife once more, and tells her he was sent by her father to get her. The reunion is cut short when Jerry bursts in and opens fire with 2 guns. Tequila pushs Billie behind him to shield her and open fire, but moves to dodge a bullet, which catches Billie in the chest. Firing like mad, Tequila manages to nick his former friend and partner in the shoulder. Turning to his mortally wounded wife, he holds her as she tells him that the Golden Kane have taken Teko to Hong Kong and asks him to forgive her. With that, Billie dies and an angry Tequila runs through the halls of the museum in search of Jerry.

-When he catches up, Jerry is on a catwalk above am exhibit and firing at him with dual submachine guns. Tequila, breathless, asks him who paid him off, and Jerry says it was the same man who sent Tequila to find her. With that, Jerry takes off running again and Tequila follows closely. The 2 fight, and this does not stop the inspector from gunning down his old friend. As he picks up his partner's phone, Tequila texts Wong with a message claiming to have shot Tequila in the head. With that, he tosses the phone and decides to leave with Yung..

-Tequila finds Yung in his office and immediately sits down to strike a deal. He wants his daughter back, but Yung refuses. With the Russians out of the way, he can now trade Teko to Wong for territory. Tequila tells him he's a fool and shows a text exchange between Wong and Jerry, where the 2 mock how stupid the Golden Kanes are and talk about holding a GK funeral. Tequila further confrims the Dragon Claws' plan by asking Yung if Wong set the time and place for the exchange. Yung replies. Tequila tells him to change it and offers to interfere on Golden Kane's behalf, so that this way, he gets his daughter and his revenge and Golden Kane can pick up the pieces of what Dragon Claw left behind and everyone wins. Yung agrees to this and calls Wong o change the location of the meeting to his old neighborhood in Kowloon

-In the slums of Kowloon, the meeting goes down as planned. The only thing; Tequila is not on time. Yung is forced to improvise, and is unable to stall Dragon Claw until Tequila arrives. As his men bring out Teko from a nearby temple, he arrives. Tequila bursts from an alleyway and yells at him for being unable to hold them off. Wong is startled to see him alive after the text 'Jerry' sent him. He escapes with Teko and Tequila breaks the standoff by chasing Dapang guns Yung down and escapes

-Tequila steals a nearby car and chases Wong to his mansion, but is forced to deal with his security. Wong's men wield a variety of weapons ranging from rocket launchers to throwing knives to helicopter gunships. After Tequila shoots down a helicopter, it crashes through the locked front door. Tequila enters Wong's inner mansion to find the man looking at him through a sniper's rifle scope from a balcony and Dapang wielding two pump action shotguns. Tequila takes down Dapang and Wong pins him down with the rifle. As Wong lines up his hopefully fatal shot on Tequila, Teko moves behind him and shoves hom over the balcony. As teh father and daughter reunite, Chief Lee arrives and returns Tequila's badge, which he had earlier taken away for insubordination. Tequila and Teko leave the scene.