Romeo Must Die
-The son of the head of the local Chinese gang, Po Sing(Jon Kit Lee) gets into a fight at a nightclub run by Silk(DMX) just as Po's bodyguards, led by Kai(Russell Wong), come to rescue him. Silk and his bouncers drive the Chinese gangsters out with assault rifles. Kai argues with Po over stirring the gang war by going to an enemy club. Po brushes him off. In the morning, he's found dead. Word travels to his father, Chu Sing(Henry O) as well as to the leader of a rival black gang, Isaak O'DAy(Delroy Lindo). He orders an investigation. In Hong Kong, Po's brother Han Sing(Jet Li) learns of his brother's death and escapes prison, coming to America

-Isaak sends Maurice(Anthony Anderson) to guard his daughter, Trish(Aaliyah). She gives him the slip and gets into a cab, which Han has just hot wired. They enjoy friendly conversation before she takes off. Meanwhile, Isaak meets with Vincent Roth(Edoardo Ballerini) to discuss his plan of waterfront lands so Roth can become part owner of the city's new NFL football team and it's new stadium. Isaak wants to go legit for the sake of his kids

-In her store, Trish is upset to find her brother Colin O'Day(D.B. Woodside) there talking business and reminds him that she wants nothing to do with their 'gangster' business. Meanwhile, Han breaks into his dead brother's apartment and finds the las number Po called was Trish's store. At a diner, Isaak's 2nd in command Mac(Isaiah Washington) confronts Trish and tells her to be careful due to the rising violence. When she arrives at he home, Han follows her into her apartment and asks her about the call. She suspects Po called Colin, and tells him. Maurice and others arrive and find Han there. They try and fight him, and Han ends up stealing Maurice's SUV

-At Po's funeral, Han confronts his father and demands to know about who killed his brother. His father refuses to answer. Kai tells him that the 2 gangs are fighting for majority control of the waterfront property. That night, Han meets with Trish to see if she has learned anything. Colin and his girlfriend are thrown out of a window by an unknown assassin. The next day, Po's place is ransacked and Han finds Po's car in the garage, where he finds a list of addresses. He returns to the apartmenr where Trish is crying among the mess. After telling him of Colin's murder, she asks for his help.

-They statr visitng the addresses on the list, and the first one the Chinese owner has been murdered. They find killers who they end up chasing after. During the chase, Han finds they are Chinese. He tells his father who dismisses it as a plot task by Isaak and wanrs Han that Trish is just tricking him. Elsewhere, Mac muscles a black fisherman out of his waterfront estate while Kai and his Chinese guards murder the owner and workers of a Chinese-owned waterfront business and steal their property deeds.

-Isaak goes to Trish's home and forces her to come to her childhood home for protection. He warns her to stay away from Han, which leads her to ask if he was involved with Po's death, which he denys. Later on, they talk and he apologizes for not being the best father. Roth calls and interrupts, asking about the deeds. Trish finds Han standing on her balcony
-Han and Trish head to Silk's nightclub, the only place on the list of addresses that has yet to be invaded. Silk sees them and brings them into his office. He explains that Isaak is buying up all the property but is not selling. Mac comes in, murders Silk and kidnaps Trish. Han is beaten unconscious and comes to in a warehouse surrounded by Maurice and other gang members. At the Oakridge Men's Club, Isaak declines to sell the deeds, wanting instead to become a partner. Mac says he is fed up with him and turns on him, bringing Trish as a hostage. He reveals that he was working with Chu to kill any property owners who refused to give up their deeds and that he also murdered Colin. Angered, Isaak attacks Mac and is shot. A gunfight then starts between Roth's bodyguards and Isaak's people. Roth flees with the deeds, but loses them when he drops them from the helicopter he was trying to escape in. Mac gathers them. Han confronts him about his brother and Mac says it was done "in house" before pulling a gun. Trish arrives and shoots him off the roof. Han tells Trish to stay with Isaak and Han goes to confront his father

-1st, Han must get through to Kai, who tells him that he is the one who killed Po. After a lengthy fight with Kai, Han kills him then meets with Chu who tells that he had to protect the business venture. He asks if Han will kill him, but he refuses by saying he has avenged his brother and will leave it to the police or the families of the murdered Chinese property owners to deal with. As he leaves, Chu kills himself.
-Han embraces with Trish and they share an embrace before walking away together. There was an alternate scene for the end, showing Jet Li and Aaliyah sharing a romantic kiss, but it was cut from the movie as some people of Asian descent felt it may not be right, showing an Asian man portrayed in a sexual light after fighting. Although, I sure would have loved to have kissed Jet Li. He's cute!!!!!!!!!