Jet Li: Rise to Honor

Love this game. I have it. And just as a warning, this game has 62 levels! Yeah, u heard it right, 62!

-Features the likeness, voice acting, motion capture work of martial arts actor Jet Li and choreography by Corey Yuen

Plot of the game
-The game follows Kit Yun(Jet Li), who is an undercover Hong Kong police officer who is assigned as a bodyguard to Boss Chiang, a friend of Kit's father. A year into the work, Boss Chiang decides to leave the life of organized crome, but not without getting protests from Kwan, one of his associates. Various gang members attempt the murder of Boss Chiang. Despitre Kit's efforts, Boss Chiang gets a bullet anyway by a mysterious sniper

-During Chiang's dying moments, he tells Kit to deliver an envelope containing information about the crime syndicate to his estranged daughter, Michelle. Being a childhood friend of Michelle's, Kit obliges and heads for San Francisco to deliver the message to her, despite whatever bad luck comes his way
-In San Francisco, Kit meets up with Chi, a childhood friend of his and Michelle's. While being chased by thugs led by local crime boss Billy Soon, Kit and Chi successfully manage to regroup with Michelle only to end up as hostages of Billy. Kit learns that Kwan hired Billy to find the envelope and that Billy was under orders to kill the 3 of them. Kit and Chi escape captivity, and free Michelle. After a brief fight, a defeated Billy attempts to shoot Michelle with his handgun, but Chi jumps in the way of the bullet. Michelle is now determined to put an end to Kwan's activities
-Shortly after returning to Hong Kong, Michelle wounded by a sniper in the Cheung Chau harbour, while Kit pursues and kills the sniper. After transporting Michelle to a local hospital, she is kidnapped by Kwan's henchmen, while Kit attempts to pursue her. Kit's chase leads him to a skyscraper building previously owned by Boss Chiang, where he fights and shoots his way through scores of Kwan's henchmen. Kit eventually defeats Kwan in hand-to-hand combat and when he tries to arrest Kwan, he attempts to shoot Kit's superior officer, Victor Lau, only for Kit to disarm him and Victor firing fatal shots to Kwan's chest
-While holding a private funeral for Boss Chiang, Victor approaches the pair, demanding that Kit burn the envelope that Boss Chiang had. Victor reveals that he was responsible for the deaths of Chiang and Kit's father, as well profiting from the crime sydicate. After burning the envelope, Kit reveals he was wearing a wire containing Victor's confession and promptly beats Victor in hand-to-hand combat. Victor is taken into H.K.P.D custody while Kit and Michelle have a short discussion about Victor living anad their fathers being dead. Kit concludes the discussion saying "It it better to die with honor than to live without."

References to Li's films

-A gas mask chamber while trying to fight Kwan in which Kit has to grab Kwan's mask to restore his own air supply, is a reference to the final fight in The Bodyguard from Beijing
-Kit having an option to use mobile stretchers while shooting firearms from a supine position in the hospital stages is also most likely a reference to Black Mask, in which the hero does a similar stunt while commandeering a motorcycle. Several reveiws also note that the hospital gurney scene is from the Hong Kong film Hard Boiled
-Kit releasing his grip on a handrail and grabbing the next one in the floor below, is a reference to the beginning of Cradle 2 the Grave

-Kit fighting twin enemies before fighting the main villain is a reference to Kiss of the Dragon. In addition, the twin enemies are named Fei and Hung, most likely a poke at the folk hero Wong Fei Hung, who Jet Li played in the Once Upon a Time in China series.

-Kit breaking a criminal's neck wuith his legs in a similar fashion to Lethal Weapon 4

-Kit having the option to team up with Michelle for a fight in the Metreon is inspired by Jet Li and Aaliyah's fight scene against Francoise Yip in Romeo Must Die.

-2 unlockable skins: Wong Fei Hung and Chen Zhen from Fist of Legend
-Kit is also the name of Li's character from the 1994 movie Meltdown