Haunted Tennessee and Other States


-Train Trussel Bridge/lower end of Briceville: the KKK(seriously, again?) used to be active in this area as they hung a black man named Drummond off this bridge. Legend has it that at night, he walks from one end of the bridge to the other, when he disappears, you can hear the rope swinging

-Shiloh Battlefield: many injured and wounded soldiers went here to relieve their thirst in the heat of the day. On certain days when the suns hits it just right, it looks blood red. The ghost of a woman appears to women and children who are lost, them becoming saddened or frightened on the battlefield. She soothes those who are afraid, but disappears if someone else needs her help.


-Chinese Tunnels: in the late 1800s to early 1900s, this town was booming with Chinese immigrant workers who used to work in the tunnels. When they died, they were buried in the walls. It's always ice cold due to the ice in the middle of the tunnel, you can hear whispers, voices and crying, and ghostly trains can be heard

Washington Terrace
-The Whole Area: during WWII, this place was a POW camp for Italian POWs. They were given considerable freedom during the war and some of them even moved into the town with their families. Nowadays, there are many unexplained noises, voices, things moving around, bad feelings.


Olalla/Port Orchard
-Starvation Heights: a woman named Dr. Linda Burfield Hazzard ran a sanitarium here in the early 1900s. She was under the assumption that any disease could be cured with starvation. So she would "starve" her patients to death and bury them on the grounds, planting a tree over each body and when the time came for when there was no more room for bodies, she threw them off a cliff on the back of the property. She killed the patients because of one reason and one reason only- greed. She had wills written up that gave her unlimited access to her patients money and valuables. Haunted by the spirits of the victims, strange noises, voices.

-Andrew's Rainbow House: a young man named Andrew who was gay decided it was the right time to tell his father he was gay. His father went nuts and killed his son. The next morning the house was painted in rainbow colors on the front and back in an array of rainbow colors and swirls, which these colors represent gay pride. The roof is also colored tile and a big gray letter A is in the center.

West Virginia

Mason County
-TNT Area: the reason for the name is because during WWII, the US used this area as a factory to make bombs and explosives. There are over 100 little igloos in this area where the bombs were made and stored, and the famous Mothman has been sighted here, and if he makes an appearance, something bad will happen, some kind of catastrophe will occur.
-Marrtown: this area is a small farming community settled by Scottish immigrants in the late 1800s. They came from an area of Scotland that heavily believes in supernatural creatures(elves, fairies, witches, ghosts, and The Banshee). The Banshee is an Irish/Scottish death fairy who attaches heself to Irish/Scottish families. She is sometimes seen riding a white horse and hangs around waterways washnig the clothes of her dead. She is dressed in a death shroud, tattered robes, and her eyes are said to be blood red from crying for her dead Scottish. Many still believe she lives around here, riding her horse and bringing death to anyone of Irish/Scottish blood. It would be especially wise to avoid Marrtown on cold, lonely moonless nights because she could just be out looking for blood.
This horrid looking creature is known as the Banshee. She brings death to all who have Irish/Scottish roots and ancestors.
Point Pleasant
-Former Munitions Dump: the Mothman has been seen here. This place is within vicinity of a TNT dump along the Ohio River that the federal govt. once maintained. It's said to be a man with large wings, have horns and a tail, big vicious teeth, bright, glowing red eyes. If it is seen several times in succession, it usually precedes some kind of natural disaster.

This is what the Mothman is said to look like

Saint Nazianz
-Society of Divine Savior Seminary: paranormal hotbed of pedophilia, closeted homosexual love triangles, suicide, fraud, incest, and exorcisms. There was a mystic Catholic cult here in the 19th century and it was led by Father Oschwald. He is kept in a crypt on the grounds. He is known to wander the place on a white horse. Don't go to this place because it is infested with all kinds of pests, like bunches of active bee hives, hornets nests, wasps nests, basically every type of vicious bee known to man!