Haunted Oklahoma and Other States


Broken Arrow
-The Devil House: about 3 miles down a gravel road is a concrete house supposedly once owned by members of the KKK(OK, WTF? why do they keep showing up?) There have been numerous reports about bonfires being lit and disappearing, freezing cold temperatures, even in the middle of summer
-Nazi POW Camp: just north of the Arkansas River is a military installation that's been closed for years. Supposedly it once held Nazi POWs from WWII. If you go there late at night, you get a lot of bad feelings and strange things are heard.

-The Mines: this place was a boomtown in the time of the miners. Foreigners could come here and maybe strike it rich. But when the mines gave way. they became strip pits, some so deep they became immeasureable. For this reason, East coast mobs were attracted to it, and found this to be an excellent location to "dispose" of "unwanted" mobsters. Remains found can be linked back to east coast mob activity and several cars with New York, New Jersey, Illinois plates have been dredged out of these watery graves along with bodies!

-Gift Shop: an Indian police man watches over the store. One day, when the manager was in the store, an Indian police officer, about 30 years old, was watching 2 women stealing bracelets. As they were leaving, he told the woman at the counter about it. Legend has it that he was a cop way back and was killed in the store when it was being robbed.

Adair Village
-Camp Adair: this was once a hospital that treated injured/ill German and Italian POWs during WWII. Before the end of the war, a good number of the German and Italian POWs died. Sounds include squeaking bedsprings and footsteps, feelings of being menacingly watched by unseen eyes from within the building.
-Pendleton Underground: there is an underground area in the red light district of town where many businesses operated during the 1900s. They were all linked by tunnels that ran under the city. Many have been filled in for safety reasons, but some remain open for tours. There is one area that the tour goes through that was once used as a living quarters for Chinese immigrants. In the far left corner, there is a ghost that is often seen/felt there.

Butler County
-The Black Cross: in the late 1800s, a massive flu epidemic swept the area of Butler/Kitanning. Hundreds of immigrant workers contracted the virus and died. Instead of being buried in indivual graves, they were all buried in one mass grave and a big black cross stands on top of their grave. At night, you can hear eerie howling, and a strong wind and mist are seen and felt here.

Carbon County
-Carbon County Prison/Jim Thorpe: this place was last used in 1995. The most famous ghost story here is that of Jim Thorpe. His ghostly handprint is still on the wall in the cell he occupied. He was wrongly accused of being a member of the Molly MacGuires. The Molly MacGuires were a group of disgruntled miners from the 1870s who used violence to bring about a change in the corrupt mining industry. Several men were arrested, charged and hung to death for association with the group. A man convicted of association with the group ran his hand along the dirty floor and put his hand on the wall to make an impression to proclaim his innocence. The print can still be seen today, and no matter how hard someone tries to wash it away, it will return almost immediately.
-Hogback Road: this area was yet again used by the race hating group the KKK(seriously, again?). There is a bridge, people were killed under this bridge, in the woods, you can see a white figure, be careful, it may be one of the KKK members to chase you off.
South Carolina

-Chain Gang Road: you can hear voices of girls moaning and screaming

South Dakota

-Mount Moriah Cemetery: famous people like Wild Bill Hickock, Calamity Jane, Potato Creek Johnny, Seth Bullock are buried here. Mysterious presences are always detected here, including feelings of being menacingly watched.
Rapid City
-Sioux San Hospital: this place was a boarding school for Native American children and years later a TB clinic. On the 3rd floor, you can hear children crying and children's voices. There are also graves of children nearby who want to go home to their families.