30 Day Movie Challenge Day 26

Day 26- Movie You Love But Everyone Hates


Either picture is the front of the movie box

Freejack. I know I did this one already, but this movie makes me happy and is also one everyone else hates. And omg, I just remembered-- my sister actually said Mick was cute in this movie. Am I living in the Twilight Zone?!?

Basically the description for this movie is the same as the movie that makes you happy post. This movie is about a racecar driver named Alex Furlong (Emilio Estevez) who is about to die in a car crash, with his girlfriend Julie Redlund (Rene Russo) standing nearby. This movie is supposed to take place in 1991, and in the not too distant future of 2009, a business man named Ian McCandless (Anthony Hopkins) is dying and needs a mind transplant. Right before the crash, he is zapped to 21st century Bronx, which is a futuristic wasteland. When his captors, led by a hardened mercenary named Victor Vacendak (Mick Jagger) are ambushed, he is able to escape Vacendak and finds out that his girlfriend Julie is an employee at McCandless Inc. And he is able to find his manager Brad, who coincidentally sells out Furlong and is killed.

Most of the movie he spends it trying to escape and evade Vacendak, who lives by a code of honor. He also sees a chance to rekindle his relationship with Julie, and she realizes he's telling the truth about who he is. She goes to Ian for help, with him saying that he'll help Alex escape, only to have it be a trap-- Vacendak and his crew are waiting for Alex at a boat that was meant to help him escape, and Furlong manages to hold Vacendak at gunpoint. Julie by now has secured an armored car one of Vacendak's crew uses and they escape.

I get the feeling that Mick is really uncomfortable behind the acting camera, that he would prefer being on stage belting out Stones tracks than acting. He almost seemed nervous acting. He's an awesome actor, but I get the feeling that he was really nervous behind the acting camera, but man is he sexy when he talks and acts, love his voice, makes me melt!!!!

The 2 get to McCandless Inc and have to deal with the security there as well as private guards hired by McCandless' corporate CEO Mr. Michelette, who is after Ian's job. Alex pretends to take Julie hostage in order to gain access to Ian, but first has to negotiate with Michelette. It turns out he has already seen the stress Alex's death put on her, and he fires her, making him top exec. But when they escape, they are stopped by Vacendak and his mercenaries and security. They take an elevator all the way to the top floor of McCandless Inc where Ian's mind is stored. A virtual reality hologram of McCandless tells Alex and Julie why he needed his body, so he could show that he really loved Julie. After apologizing, he offers to let Alex run the company while pretending to be McCandless but Julie realizes he's only stalling for Vacendak to arrive. Forced into the machine, Furlong proclaims "You don't need a new body, you need a new soul and your machine can't give you that!" Just as the process is beginning, Michelette stumbles in, wounded from gunfire from Vacendak's soldiers, and in all of the chaos, Julie grabs a gun from a soldier and shoots the processing crystal used by the computers. The transfer is deemed inconclusive since no one knows if McCandless is in Furlong's body or not. And in order to ID if McCandless is really in his new body, he is asked his own personal i.d. code, which Vacendak monitors on a small handheld computer. Alex repeats the code slowly, and Vacendak asks him to continue. Michelette concludes the transfer was complete and tries to kill Alex, but is gunned down by Victor and his men. Furlong remarks about how he feels in his "new" body and asks Julie to dress up

Later on, Furlong and Julie take one of McCandless' cars out for a drive, but Vacendak and his team stop them as they leave the estate, and Vacendak reveals that the transfer was not complete. Alex had actually gotten his secret number wrong and Victor went along with it. He waited for Alex to make a mistake: McCandless couldn't drive. He lets them go and they speed away.


Emilio EstevezAlex Furlong
Mick JaggerVictor Vacendak
Rene RussoJulie Redlund
Anthony HopkinsIan McCandless
Jonathan BanksMark Michelette
David JohansenBrad
Grand L. BushBoone
John SheaMorgan
Frankie FaisonHomeless man
Esai MoralesRipper
Jerry HallNewswoman
Amanda PlummerNun