Top 10 Winter Songs

According to the Ultimate Classic Rock Facebook page. Here are the Top 10 Winter songs.
L-R: Freddy Mercury(Queen), Alice Cooper, Mick Jagger(The Rolling Stones, still cute at 68!!)

-Cold as Ice: Foreigner
-From Foreigner(1977)

-Sure Got Cold After the Rain Fell: ZZ Top
-From Rio Grande(1972)

-Snowblind: Black Sabbath
-From Vol. 4(1972)

-Hazy Shade of Winter: Simon & Garfunkel
-From Bookends(1968)

-Wintertime Love: The Doors
-From Waiting for the Sun(1968)

-Snow Blind: Ace Frehley
-From Ace Frehley(1978)

-Trapped Under Ice: Metallica
-From Ride the Lightning(1984)

-Raped and Freezin': Alice Cooper
-From Billion Dollar Babies(1973)

-Winter: The Rolling Stones
-From Goats Head Soup(1973)

-A Winter's Tale: Queen
-From Made in Heaven(1995)