Scarface: The World is Yours

Scarface: The World is Yours
-Developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Vivendi Universal Games.
-Based on and is a quasi-sequel to the 1983 film starring Al Pacino.
-In the game, providing the voice of Tony Montana is not Al Pacino, but Andre Sogliuzzo.
-Released on PlayStation 2, PC, Xbox on Oct. 8, 2006 and on Wii on June 12, 2007

-The game begins in the film's final scene, with Tony(Andre Sogliuzzo) in his mansion office being raided by Alejandro Sosa's men. In a point of divergence from the movie, Tony kills the silent assassin, The Skull, that was to kill him with a shotgun. With the help of some of his surviving employees, Tony manages to escape.

-Sosa is then told that Tony's mansion has been seized by the police and DEA and that his massive drug empire is no longer. Hiding in a safehouse outside Miami, Tony regrets the choices he's made, and makes a vow to drop his cocaine addiction which led to his current situation. He then swears revenge on Sosa and promises to kill anyone who's in league with his enemy.

-3 months later, Tony returns to Miami. Everyone assumes he's dead, so all his assets have been divided up between the districts of Miami that he used to rule and have been given to the various drug cartels. His first thing to do: ask George Sheffield(James Woods) to become his lawyer again. Sheffield is hesitant to do it at first, but it's at a higher cost this time. Tony has no influence over him and accepts it.
-Starting off at the bottom again selling cocaine to personal dealers, Tony manages to get enough money to pay the police off to get his mansion back from Vice. He goes to see Gaspar Gomez(Cheech Marin) at his penthouse in Miami. He's not there, so Tony kills his head of security and many of his men, stealing a satellite phone for his use, hijacking an armored truck carrying $50,000. This enables him to open a bank account. This lets him recconnect with Jerry(Michael York), who has since been promoted and feeling unsafe, he agrees to help out Tony. He then manages to take over Little Havana, claiming all businesses and turfs, weakening the Diaz Cartel. While taking a break at the Babylon Club, Tony is attacked by armed gunmen who have been sent by the Diaz Brothers. One killer tells Tony that his mother has been killed. Fueled by rage, Tony goes to Diaz Motors and kills both of the brothers in rage and reclaims the territory.
-Pablo(Wilmer Valderrama), an associate of Sheffield, lures Tony to Freedom Town, where he first went when he came to the US, with the promise of information about his missing ex-wife Elvira. Unfortunately, this meeting is an ambush. Tony survives and hops into a speedboat to chase Pablo before killing him. Sheffield is added to his hit list. Then Downtown is the area he takes over next, taking over all businesses from the Contreras Cartel. He makes an ally with the Sandman, a cocaine producer from a set of Caribbean island south of Miami. He finds that Nacho Contreras is there as well, controlling a floating casino that was once an old freighter. Nacho escapes but Tony is there to kill him. As Nacho is swimming to an escape boat, Tony shoots him with an available sniper rifle and since he is bleeding, he is attracting sharks, which one eventually eats him. After Nacho is dead, Tony kills off the rest of the Contreras Cartel, taking another tanker belonging to Nacho, which he used to smuggle drugs into Miami. There are drugs galore on the tanker along with various ex-Nacho employees who work happily with Tony to establish a new supply line for cocaine

-Tony slowly but surely takes over North Beach and South Beach for his own reasons, fulfilling various business missions and taking over storehouses for distribution of drugs. He now controls Miami, as he once did, but supply lines are very weak. The Sandman says that he is going to war with his arch rivals, The Columbians. Tony helps him and drives the enemies away from the Islands. Before any celebrating can be done, the Columbians take over the small island of Tranquilandia, which is a small island owned by the Sandman and a very crucial base for the Montana Cartel. Tony takes it over, killing various armed gunmen and rescuing workers. The Islands are finally clear of any Columbians. The Montana Cartel's power begins to go up, and Tony becomes powerful once more. When he has realized he has gained enough power to go after Alejandro Sosa, he goes to Bolivia to kill him.

-Meanwhile, in Bolivia, Sosa is in the middle of a meeting with Sheffield and Gomez, talking about the problem of Montana. Then, as if by magic, Montana busts into the meeting. He moves through the various locations on the ground, killing off Sosa's men, one by one. He kills Sheffield, who was going to try and launch a rocket from a bazooka at Tony, and also shoots Gomez in a bedroom. When Tony confronts Sosa in his living room, they talk about the situation in New York. Tony tells Sosa that he refused to kill the journalist because he refused to kill a wife and her kids. Soon enough, Tony kills Sosa, making his revenge taken care of. When he finds one of Sosa's men still alive. The man, thinking Tony will kill him, begs for his life, and instead Tony gives him a job, which is a relief to the man.

-The man is now Tony's butler. The barkeep he talked to when he first arrived in the Islands, a woman named Venus, is now sitting with him in his hot tub as his new wife.