Rolling Stones Women: Marsha Hunt

Marsha Hunt
Name: Marsha Hunt
DOB: April 15, 1946
Where: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Years Active: 1960s-present
Spouse: Mike Ratledge(1967-present)

-American singer, novelist, actress, and model

Early Life
-Her mother was her primary parent and worked as a librarian in a local library. Her father, Blaire Theodore hunt Jr. was one of America's first black psychiatrists, but did not live with Hunt and when she was 15, she found out her father killed himself 3 years prior.
-While Hunt was poor, she credits her experience with teaching to not be materialistic. In 1964, she went to University of California at Berkeley, where she met Jerry Rubin, who was participating in marches against the Vietnam War.

Move to London
-In February 1966, Hunt moved to Britain and for a time lived in Edinburgh.
-She says that London in the 1960s, anything seemed possible

Relationship with Mick Jagger
-She said in 1991 that she met Mick Jagger when The Rolling Stones asked Hunt to pose for an ad for their single "Honky Tonk Women", which she refused to do because she "didn't want to look like she just been had by all The Rolling Stones". Jagger then called her later and their 9-10 month affair started. According to Christopher Sanford's book Mick Jagger: Rebel Knight, Hunt told journalists that it was Mick Jagger's shyness and awkwardness that won her over, but their relationship was done in private because their social scenes were different. In London, nov. 1970, Hunt gave birth to Karis Hunt Jagger, their first and only child.

-When Karis was only 2, Hunt asked the courts for an affiliation order against Jagger. He called the suit "silly", he has been close to Karis since then; he took her on holiday with his family when she was a teen, attended her Yale graduation and her 2000 wedding, and he was at the hospital for the birth of her son in 2004. As of 2008, he continued to see her and her family. Hunt says she still sees Jagger, but has a closer relationship with Jagger's mother. She says she left the door open for Jagger to come back and he did.

-In 2008, Hunt was asked about the story that appeared in this article that she met Jagger while at a party in the 60s and told him she wanted to have his baby. Hunt says it's bull crap.
L-R: Joe Jagger, Mick Jagger, Karis Jagger, Elizabeth Jagger
Brown Sugar
-Christopher Sanford writes in his book Mick Jagger that when the Stones released the single "Brown Sugar", there was immediate suspicion that the song was about Hunt or singer Claudia Lennear. In her 1985 autobiography, Real Life, Hunt said that "Brown Sugar" is about her, among a few other songs.

Personal Life
-In 2004, she was battling breast cancer. After surgery, this resulted in her losing her right breast