Hot Man Thursday: Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley

Name: Stanley Harvey Eisen
AKA: The Star Child
DOB: January 20, 1952
Where: Manhattan, New York
Genres: heavy metal, hard rock
Occupations: musician, songwriter, producer, painter, actor
Instruments: guitar, vocals, bass
Years Active: 1970-present

-Stanley Harvey Eisen is better known by his stage name Paul Stanley. He is an American hard rock guitarist with rock band KISS.
-His nickname is Starchild because his KISS uniform and makeup has him wearing a black star over his right eye. I think he's the cutest one in KISS!!
-Before KISS, he was in a local band called Rainbow, which is not to be confused with Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow. Through Gene Simmons, Stanley joined up with Simmons' band Wicked Lester in the 1970s. When this band broke up, Stanley posted ads for a drummer and guitarist and this resulted in Peter Criss and Ace Frehley joining the group, and they renamed themselves KISS, making their debut album in 1974

-Stanley's stage reputation was the Starchild, using one star over his right eye. Gene Simmons admits that Stanley is the driving force behind KISS and for a while during the 1980s, KISS toured makeup-free.
-In Sept. 2007, Stanley took part of Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp as a guest star for his 2nd time in New York City.
Personal Life
-In 1999, he starred in a Toronto production of the Phantom of the Opera, playing the role of the Phantom.
-Stanley has had 2 hip replacements, one right after the "Rock the Nation" tour in October 2004, and another in Dec. 2004 aftr complications from the first surgery.
-He said he might require a 3rd hip replacement in the future.
-He says he blames his hip problems on years of wearing platform boots.
Paul and Family
 Paul Stanley and Erin Sutton