-This is the improper usage or treatment for a bad reason to gain benefit usually unfairly.
-This can come in many forms such as: physical, verbal, sexual assault, injury, rape, unjust practices, wrongful practice or custom, crime, verbal aggression.

Here are some of the many types.
Abuse of authority
-Comes in the form of political corruption for the illegitimate private gain
-Police brutality is one example

Abuse of corpse
-AKA necrophilia, which is a sexual attraction to dead bodies

Abuse of animals
-Inflicting harm to non person animals

Anti social behavior
-Public behavior that lacks judgement
-I.e. vandalism, graffiti

-Repeated acts of violence, such as verbal bullying(starting rumors), physical(punching, hitting), emotional(playing with someone's emotions)

Child abuse
-Comes in many forms, verbal, sexual, physical, emotional, psychological, neglect

Child on child sexual abuse
-When prepubescent child is sexually abused by one or more children or teen youths. This is different than "playing doctor"

Child sexual abuse
-Form of abuse concerning an adult or older person abusing a child for sexual stimulation.
-Includes asking a child to engage in sex, indecent exposure of genitals to a child, showing pornography to a child, actual sexual intercourse with a child, viewing the child's genitals with out physical contact, using a child to make child pornography

Clandestine abuse
-Sexual, psychological or physical abuse that is kept secret and is committed by one family member to another.

Clerical abuse
-Members of the church committing sex acts

-Hating against basically.
-Comes in many forms. Such as by age/clothing/appearance, ethnicity, race, sexuality, religion, gender, language, lifestyle

Gay bashing
-Perceived verbal or physical threats and abuse against someone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender(LGBT)

Hate crimes
-Crimes committed against someone because of religion, skin color, race, ethnicity, social group, sexual orientation, class, social status, age, gender, etc
-Ex: painting swastikas on synagogues, writing the N word on the house or property of a black person

-English term for various ritual activities involving harassment, abuse or humiliation used as a way of initiating a person into a group
-Seen mostly in college by frat houses or sororities, also seen in the military, gangs, clubs, sports teams, work places

Prison abuse
-Mistreatment of prisoners under arrest or incarceration

  1. Physical: needlees beating, hitting
  2. Psychological: taunting, sleep deprivation
  3. Sexual: forced rape, genital mutilation
  4. Torture: any act that causes severe pain
-Attitudes towards others because of race, gender, skin color, religious beliefs, social status, etc
-Ex: Hitler's treatment of the Jews

-Forcing someone to have sex without their consent
-One rare form of it is male rape in prisons

-AKA molestation, forcing someone, usually a person who might be a virgin, to have sex. Sexual abuse is when the constant raping goes on repeatedly. If the victim is under age of consent, it's called child sexual abuse.
-There are many examples:
  1. Non consensual: forced physical behavior
  2. Unwanted touching: fondling, exposure of genitals, voyeurism(spying on) exhibitionism, up to sexual assault
  3. Exposing a child to porno
  4. Saying sexually explicit things, child molestation
  5. Incest: family members raping other family members
-Some characteristics and styles of abuse include
  1. Overt abuse
  2. covert(controlling) abuse
  3. Unpredictability
  4. Disproportional reactions
  5. Dehumanization
  6. Abuse of info
  7. Control by proxy
Telltale signs
  1. Isolation
  2. Irrational jealousy
  3. Subtle presence of physical violence
  4. Criticizing
  5. Blaming
  6. Withholding
-This kind of stuff can have all kinds of effects, usually more negative than positive
  1. Chronic depression
  2. Anxiety
  3. Posttraumatic stress disorder
  4. Dissociation
  5. Anger