New York Dolls

New York Dolls
New York Dolls

-Known for their outfits: disheveled wigs, smudged lipstick, stilted platforms, tight spandex pants, dresses.
-Formed in 1972

-Their lead singer had a few things in common with Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger, like for example, David Johansen and Mick Jagger both have big lips and the same kind of jawline.

-Their first drummer died from an overdose in London in 1972 after 1 too many nights of excessive drinking.

-In 1972, while in England visiting a friend, Malcolm McLaren. He took over as manager and dressed them in red leather and communist chic clothes. The band split up before Malcolm headed back to England with a head full of ideas and Sylvain Sylvain's magic white Gibson Les Paul. The New York Dolls managed to inspire everyone from The Ramones to Richard Hell. The band would split up and 2 of it's members would form The Heartbreakers and move to London as a part of the rock scene.

-David Johansen: Vocals
-Johnny Thunders: Guitar
-Rick Rivets: Guitar
-Arthur Kane: Bass
-Billy Murcia: drums
-Rivets was replaced by Sylvain Sylvain
-Most of the music these guys do has a vintage R&B, blues, soul, and girl group sound to it.

-Thunders died in 1991 as a result of having leukemia and an alleged heroin overdose.

-After the band split up, David Johansen adopted the name Buster Poindexter, who was supposed to be a lounge singer.

-Johansen also went on to do movies and TV, such as The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Freejack,  where he played Emilio Estevez's character's agent Brad and Scrooged, where he played a maniac cab driver