I love this movie. Then again, any movie with Jet Li in it I'll watch. He's sooooooooo sexy!!!!

-During a shootout against Chinese Triads at a dock warehouse, FBI agents John Crawford(Jason Statham) and Tom Lone(Terry Chen), stumble across the notorious assassin Rogue(Jet Li), a former CIA agent who now works for the the Japanese Yakuza. Rogue ambushes Crawford and is about to kill him when Lone appears and shoots Rogue in the face, causing him to fall into the water. His body was never recovered and he was presumed dead. However, Rogus survives and his payback is against Lone, his wife and daughter. He burns the house, levaing the bodies of Lone and his family to burn to ashes

-3 years later, Rogue re-appears, working under Chinese Triad boss Li Chang(John Lone). Rogue is helping Chang against his arch enemy and former employer, the leader of the Japanese Yakuza, Shiro Yanagawa(Ryo Ishibashi). Rogue first attacks a club ran by the Yakuza in order to recover a pair of antique gold horses, family heirlooms of Li Chang. But what everyone does not know is that Rogue is secretly setting the Yakuza and the Triads against each other in order to push the 2 organized crime syndicates toward all out war.

-Now the head of the FBI's Asian Crime Task Force, Crawford is determined to hunt Rogue down anad exact revenge for Lone's death. Crawford has an obsessive pursuit of Rogue tha has taken an effect on his personal life, basically estranging him from his family. He comes close to catching Rogue in the wake of Rogue's killing sprees against the Yakuza and Triads, but Rogue always stays 1 step ahead

-Rogue's actions have gained the trust of both Li Chang and Shiro Yanagawa. Rogue succeeds in betraying Li Chang, but spares his wife and child, turning to the Yakuza. With Chang dead, Yanagawa is ready to come to America, where he hopes to take over and expand Yakuza business operations. However, he is confronted by Crawford and the FBI. Crawford presents Yanagawa with proof that Rogue has betrayed him and spared Li Chang's family, but Yanagawa refuses to help Crawford in finding Rogue

-Later on, Rogue delivers the horses to Shiro personally. Knowing of Rogue's betrayal, Yanagawa captures Rogue and demands the location of Li Chang's family. Rogue kills all of Shiro Yanagawa's men and engages in a sword fight against Shiro Yanagawa himself. Rogue reveals that he is actually FBI agent Tom Lone. He reveals that he changed his voice to obtain a Chinese accent and underwent plastic surgery and killed the real Rogue and assumed his identity. Rogue/Lone reveals that his actions have been designed to bring him face to face with Yanagawa so he could kill the man who ordered his family's death. Yanagawa reveals Crawford was in his pocket and responsible for leaking Lone's identity and home address to Rogue. Angered, Lone disarms and decapitates Shiro Yanagawa
-Elsewhere, Chang's wife receives a package from Lone, composed of the golden horses that belongs to Chang's fmaily and a message reading 'Make a new life'. Yanagawa's daughter also receives a package with the same message and inside the box is the head of her father. Lone then calls Crawford as he was packing up his office, telling him to meet at the dock warehouse. Before going to the warehouse, Crawford enlists the help of Goi(Sung Kang), an FBI sniper who helped in the investigation
-At the warehouse, Crawford and Rogue battle each other in an intense hand to hand battle. When Rogue reveals his idetity as Lone, a devastated Crawford reveals his employment under Yanagawa and that he only gave Lone's address to Shiro because he thought the Yakuza were going to beat up Lone and did not expect the family to be killed by Rogue. Crawford begs Lone for forgiveness, but is refused by Lone, bascially becoming Rogue. During the revelation, Goi takes aim at Rogue, but Crawford jumps in Goi's way. Rogue pushes him away and shoots him in the back, later driving out of town in a new car, accepting his new identity.