Starsky and Hutch

I love this show. When ever it's on, I watch it. Sorry, but this is one of the better retro TV shows!!!
-1970s American cop thriller TV series
-Premiered on April 30, 1975
-Ended on May 16, 1979
-Created by William Blinn and produced by Aaron Spelling

-The main 2 characters were 2 Southern California policemen; dark haired Brooklyn transfer David Michael Starksy(Paul Michael Glaser), who was streetwise, US Army vet with intense, sometimes childlike moods, and blonde Duluth, Minnesota born native Kenneth 'Hutch' Hutchinson(David Soul), who was more reserved and intellectually superior.
-They went under the radio handle 'Zebra Three' and were also known for riding around the streets of fictional Bay City, California.
-The vehicle of choice was Starsky's 2 door Ford Gran Torino, which was red with a white stripe on it. Hutch often called it 'a red tomato with a white stripe'. How this came to be was in the episode titled Snowstorm. It did not come from the writers but Glaser himself. And on episodes where they were doing undercover work, they used Hutch's car, a 1973 Ford Galaxie 500, which was a battered, tan car.

Other characters
-Their main underworld contact was Huggy Bear(Antonio Fargas), a jive talking, street wise business man who often dressed in flashy attire and ran his own bar called Huggy Bear's initially and then later on, The Pits. Teir boss was Captain Harold C. Dobey(Berni Hamilton), a no nonsense police captain. Starsky and Hutch was one of the first TV shows to cast blacks in a positive light; Captain Dobey and Huggy Bear, who sometimes skirted the law.


They even made it into a movie.
If I could, I'd get me a Ford Gran Torino and get it all fixed up just like this car. Man, this car is sooooo cool I swear!!!