Rihanna' Talk That Talk Album Release history

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Rihanna' released date, recorded, genre, Label, Producer, chronology of Talk That Talk Album.

Sixth Album, Talk That Talk is Studio album by Rihanna

Released 18-Nov-11

Recorded 2011

Label Def Jam

Producer Calvin Harris

Rihanna chronology
Talk That Talk-2011

Rihanna' Singles from Talk That Talk:

We Found Love Released: September 22, 2011

Release history of Rihanna' Album Talk That Talk:

Release history

Format Date Region Label
CD, digital download 18-Nov-11 Australia Universal Music




21-Nov-11 United States Def Jam

United Kingdom Mercury

23-Nov-11 Japan Universal Music

Does anyone know Rihannas Album list for Rated R? I need to get this album list...can anyone help..... Why is Rihanna releasing her new album sooo fast? ... or is rihanna releasing her new album too fast? she ...i dont know maybe rihanna should of ... for her album. i think that there... What are the best songs off Rihannas Rated R album? Do You Guys Think You Are Going Tob Buy Rihannas New Album? ... i think i mite like this album i only bought Rihannas first CD (Music Of The Sun) but i think... whats your favorite track off the LOUD album by Rihanna? I like california king bed, man down, and s&m what are the songs in the album loud by Rihanna? What Do You Think Of Rihannas New Album ?!? How long does it take for an album to hit stores after its release date? Rihannas album Rated R is due out in Australia on the ... When is Rihanna releasing her next album? Do you like Rihannas new album, Rated-R? ... any of the tracks off of Rihannas not-yet-released Rated-R album? I listened to them all...