Rihanna' Rated R Album Professional Ratings

Which Rihanna album has the original Umbrella without the Jay-Z intro? Did Rihanna's album sell More Than Chris Brown's? ...albums didnt do well...i have Cb's album not Rihanna's her singles werent hot enough... What's Rihanna's latest album and all the songs on it? please dont forget to list all the songs. thanks guys =] Why are Rihanna's album sales so low? Rihanna is an amazing single...US, but I've noticed that her album sales are significantly behind that... What album does Rihanna's Rude Boy belong to? Will you buy another album from Chirs Brown and Rihanna they are bad role models!? Rihanna went back to Chris Brown after she abused him... even a 13 year old girl stopped listening to rihanna because of this What Album Is That Song Hatin On Da Club By Rihanna On? ...Song Its Call Hatin On Da Club And Its By Rihanna But I Cant Find Wat Album Its On If Anyone Knows Can U Help... Is Rihanna's New Album appropiate for Children, like for ages 7-10? ...But I haven't listen to the entire album. Is it okay for children or has Rihanna gone crazy? the song winning women. which rihanna album does it come from? and where can i find the orginal video to it? What is the name of Rihanna's latest album?

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Rihanna' released date, recorded, genre, Label, Producer, chronology of Rated R Album.

Forth Album, Rated R is Studio album by Rihanna

Released 20-Nov-09

Recorded March – November 2009
Milk Studios, Germano Studios
(Manhattan, New York)
Metropolis Studios
(London, England)
Studios Davout
(Paris, France)
Paper V.U. Studios, Westlake Recording Studios
(Los Angeles, California)

Genre R&B, pop

Length 51:17:00

Label Def Jam

Producer Antonio "L.A." Reid (exec.), Rihanna (exec.), The Carter Administration (exec.), Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers (exec.), Chase & Status, The-Dream, Chuck Harmony, Brian Kennedy, Ne-Yo, StarGate, Tricky Stewart, will.i.am, The Y's

Rihanna chronology
Good Girl Gone Bad-2007
Rated R-2009

Rihanna' Singles from Rated R:

"Russian Roulette" Released: October 26, 2009
"Hard" Released: November 23, 2009
"Rude Boy" Released: February 19, 2010
"Rockstar 101" Released: June 2, 2010
"Te Amo" Released: June 8, 2010

Professional ratings of Rihanna' Album Rated R:

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars
Entertainment Weekly (B)
The Guardian 3/5 stars
Los Angeles Times 4/4 stars
The New York Times (favorable)
Pitchfork Media (6.1/10)
Rolling Stone 4/5 stars
Slant Magazine 4/5 stars
Spin (5/10)
The Village Voice (mixed)

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