My Family

IDK why, but this show cracks me up. I'm not exactly sure why America has to try and 'Americanize' some of the better British TV shows in our world. They already ruined Top Gear UK with Top Gear US. I still watch the British Top Gear, way better, way funnier, the have a good looking guy on it(Hammond, dark brown haired guy)

-British TV comedy
-Set in Chiswick, in West London.
-Stars Robert Lindsay as Ben Harper, Zoe Wanamaker as Susan, his wife, Kris Marshall as Nick, Daniela Denby-Ashe as Janey, Gabriel Thompson as Michael
-The show tells shows the lives of the various members of the Harper family, a fictional middle class British family. Ben is a dentist who hates his job and his patients even more, Susan is a tour guide who works for an art museum(May be Tate Modern). They have 3 kids: Nick who refuses to hold a job for longer than a day, Michael, who is a brainiac and has a crush on Ben's cousin Abi, Janey, who is a college dropout from Manchester University who has had more relationships than Mick Jagger
-Mainly features Ben and Susan

My mom and stepdad act JUST like these 2 I swear!!!

This episode cracks me up!!

Ben Harper
-Robert Lindsay
-Dentist married to Susan Harper, and has 3 kids: Michael, Nick, Janey
-Shows little compassion for his patients or anyone else. He is almost always shown coming up with ways to annoy his wife, get rid of the kids and sit on the sofa with a beer and the paper or the television.
-He enjoys watching football or soccer and supports Arsenal F.C.(My stepdad, I swear to God, has a T-shirt that says Arsenal on it!!!!!)
-He also shows that he is sensitive when his son Michael says tht he is gay
Susan Harper
-Zoe Wanamaker
-Tour guide and works in an art gallery.
-Her family says she is a bad cook
-In the earlier seasons, Michael refers to her as a control freak
-Does not have a good relationship with her mother
Michael Harper
Gabriel Thompson
-He is Ben adn Susan's unplanned 3rd and youngest child
-Uncle of Kenzo, Janey's baby
-At the start of the show, he was shown as a typical geek, with high intelligence, sometimes naive
-As a teen, is usually well dressed and shown to have a crush on Abi in season 3
-Referred to by ben as Mikey
-In the 2nd episode of series 10, Michael comes out to his parents about being gay, after coming home drunk and telling Ben, then Susan.
Janey Harper
-Danielle Denby-Ashe
-Older sister to Michael
-Known to be shallow
-Shopaholic and concerned with clothes and physical appearance
-Sexually promiscouous and gets pregnant at 19, becoming a single parent. She names her baby Kenzo
-Marries a man old enough to be her father
-Attends Manchester University and drops out in season 5.
Nick Harper
-Kris Marshall
-Oldest child of Ben and Susan
-His odd behavior irritates Ben and his family, yet his calm personality makes him popular with women.
-Always seems to get himself into awkard situations and has attempted many jobs, form female impersonator to stripper, stunt man, magician, landlord, but was unsuccessful
Abi Bailey
-Siobhan Hayes
-Ben's 1st cousin, once removed
-Very accident prone, good natured
-Has a multitude of jobs from salesperson, to car mechanic, a Victorian Hussy at the London Dungeon.
-Falls in love with Roger, Ben's dental assistant.
-They married in season 7, with Janey as her bridesmaid, Ben as best man.