Gnomeo & Juliet

Gnomeo & Juliet
-2011 animated family comedy based on the William Shakespeare story of Romeo and Juliet
-The 2 main characters are voiced by James McAvoy and Emily Blunt
-As if it wasn't painfully obvious, the movie does take place in England because a good majority of the actors and actresses are from the UK(Michael Caine, Maggie Smith, Ozzy Osbourne, Jason Statham, etc.)

-Mrs. Montague and Mr. Capulet(Julie Walters and Richard Wilson) are 2 elderly peopel who hate each other. When they leave the garden, objects comes to life. The Montague garden is filled with blue garden gnomes and the Capulet garden is filled with red garden gnomes. Laterm both blue and red gnomes attend a lawnmower race. Representing blue is Gnomeo(James McAvoy) and for red is Tybalt(Jason Statham). During the race, it looks like Gnomeo will win, but Tybalt cheats and wins the race, destroying Gnomeo's lawnmower. Gnomeo and his best friend Benny(Matt Lucas) insult Tybalt for cheating, but he ignores them. Benny watches Mrs. Montague ordering a new cheap lawnmower

-Later that night, Gnomeo and Benny infiltrate the red garden gnome in disguise with blue spray cans. Benny sprays Tybalt's well and accidentally triggers a security light, alerting the red gnomes. During the escape, Gnomeo ends up in a nearby neglected garden wher ehe bumps into a disguised Juliet(Emily Blunt), the daughter of the red gnomes leader Lord Redbrick(Michael Caine). Juliet is trying to retrieve a rare orchid, and the 2 start to fall for each other. When they both return to their gardens, Juliet tells her frog friend Nanette(Ashley Jensen) about her newfound love.

-Gnomeo and Juliet then have secret meetings in a secret garden. In this garden they meet a pink plastic flamingo named Featherstone(Jim Cummings). He supports and encourages their love and they meet regularly. When the 2 are getting ready for a date, Lord Redbrick introduces Juliet to Paris(Stephen Merchant), a red gnome that Nanette has fallen for. Later when the 2 return to their gardens, Gnomeo finds his mother, Lady Bleuberry(Maggie Smith) distraught over the reds infiltrating the garden and destroying the plant Gnomeo's dead father planted. The blues want Gnomeo to get payback on the reds, and he can't because he Juliet is a member of the reds. He tunnels under the ground to reach the reds territory, and just as he is about to reach the garden to spray the prized flowers of the reds, Juliet sees him.
-When he and Juliet meet again, they aruge until Featherstone stops them, telling them that the other people's hate destroyed his love. He and his girlfriend were separated when the 2 people living in teh house got divorced. After that, Gnomeo and Juliet apologize. When they are about to kiss, Benny sees them, distracts them where the run into the alleyway where Tybalt is waiting with his lawnmower. Tybalt goes full force at Benny, and chops his hat clean off. Tybalt fights Gnomeo on his mower, but he is destroyed when he crashes into a wall. The reds attack Gnomeo, but Juliet, to her father's suprise and that of the clan, defends Gnomeo. Suddenly a woman jogs by and they all go still. Somehow, Gnomeo ends up on a road and everyone thinks he was run over by a truck. Lord Redbrick then glues Juliet's feet to her fountain to keep her alive, so he does not lose her like her mother

-Gnomeo's pet, a mushroom named Shroom, is left alone and goes on the road, where he finds that what was thought to be Gnomeo is actually a blue broken teapot. Somehow, Gnomeo ends up in a park, talking to a statue of William Shakespeare(Patrick Stewart). Meanwhile, Benny buys the Terrafirminator lawnmower using the computer and cancels the order of the Kitten clipper, to get paybakc on the reds. The Terrafirminator goes nuts and destroys most of the 2 yards. Gnomeo makes it back to Juliet to try and unglue her, but he is unable to. She tells him to go, but he refuses and they share a kiss just before the mower crashes into the fountain. Everyone now believes the 2 to be dead. Lord Redbrick and Lady Bleuberry then shake hands as a way of saying that the feud was over. Suddenly, both of them climb out of the rubble. Mr. Capulet and Mrs. Montague then return to see that their yards are a complete mess and they scream in horror.
James McAvoy as Gnomeo, the main protagonist; counterpart to Romeo Montague.

Emily Blunt as Juliet, the deuteragonist; counterpart to Juliet Capulet.

Michael Caine as Lord Redbrick, the leader of the red gnomes and Juliet's overprotective widower father; counterpart to Lord Capulet.
Jason Statham as Tybalt, the main antagonist and counterpart to Tybalt.

Maggie Smith as Lady Bluebury, the leader of the blue gnomes and Gnomeo's widowed mother; counterpart to Lady Montague

Patrick Stewart as William Shakespeare, a statue of Shakespeare.
Ashley Jensen as Nanette, a plastic garden frog and Juliet's best friend; a flamboyant water squirter who is loyal to Juliet; counterpart to Nurse

Matt Lucas as Benny, Gnomeo's impulsive and tall-hatted best friend; counterpart to Benvolio.

Stephen Merchant as Paris, a nerdy red gnome who was arranged to marry Juliet; counterpart to Count Paris.

Ozzy Osbourne as Fawn, a garden deer. The secondary antagonist and Tybalt's best friend; counterpart to Peter.

Jim Cummings as Featherstone, a lonely plastic flamingo with a thick Spanish accent; vaguely resembles Friar Laurence. His name is a reference to Donald Featherstone, the creator of the pink flamingo lawn ornament.

Hulk Hogan as Terrafirminator V.O., an announcer who tells people to buy the Terrafirminator.
Julie Walters as Ms. Montague, the elderly owner of the Blue garden. Her face is never shown.
Richard Wilson as Mr. Capulet, the owner of the Red garden, whose face is also never shown.
Kelly Asbury as Red Gnomes; counterparts to Gregory, Sampson, Anthony, and Potpan.
Shroom, a silent mushroom and Gnomeo’s friend; counterpart to Romeo's servant, Balthasar
The Bunnies, a group of small, cement bunnies that act as servants for Lady Bluebury and others in the Blue Garden
Dolly Parton as Dolly Gnome the lawnmower race announcer