Fashion Opinions

Look, I may not be a master of the force of fashion, but I sure have seen some unique fashion trends come around and actually wonder how on Earth they are popular. Like Uggs for example, ewwwwww! From hanging around with my mom and sister alot, you pick up a few fashion tips. Now mind you, these are just some opinions of mine, that's all, nothing more, nothing less. They're not meant to do any change or anything, just things I've noticed over the years I've been around. And plus, some of these, I've seen before, mainly in high school, yeah, can u believe that? Here are some of the things I don't get about fashion....

-Uggs do not go with sweats! That is a pretty ugly look in itself. Uggs are just UGLY in general. And plus, you can't wear them in snow. I may be a dumb blonde sometimes, but even I know, water and suede are 2 things that need to be kept separate.
-Uggs don't go with anything!!!!
-And this may be personal, but if it's that time of the month, don't wear white!No white jeans, capris or any white pants in general! That's begging for disaster!!!
-I don't follow all those rules of fashion, like wearing white after Labor Day or whatever. I walk to my own beat on fashion.
-Uggs do not go with micro mini skirts
-When going to a concert, sometimes it does not do to wear a shirt of that artist. We already know who you're there to see, but if you want to make that artist happy, go full force on the fan stuff!!!
-Some women do not need to wear low cut jeans. There is an age limit on it, along with shirts. There's a cutoff age on showing cleavage, and when you hit middle age, if you're in still good shape, then flaunt that bod, but if not, try something nice that does not show it off. No one wants to see cleavage in their 60s, unless you are in very good shape.
-There's a cut off age on certain swimsuits. Like the ones with skimpy tie on both sides bottoms, there's a cutoff age. I know because this one friend of my stepdad's sister Jeanne is 48 and not in the greatest shape, and she wears these really skimpy and I mean SKIMPY swimsuits that pretty much lets everything hang out. And plus this is the only suit I ever see her in. I think "Don't you have any other suits?" and plus, I think she has been a drunky for all her life, because she talked about when she was younger and her father gave her sips of beer. No wonder she looks like 20 miles of bad, unpaved, pothole, cracked road!
-When going out on a date, do not wear revealing clothes that show off your colored bra, jeans that show off some kind of bedazzled thong with a charm on it, or clothes that show WAY too much in general. This may give off the image that you're sleazy and easy, and that may not work.

-If you're going for a casual country look, try pairing a wide cotton skirt with a pair of rustic cowboy boots, and a nice lace or cotton tanktop, that way you'll be nice and cool, and also country-ish
-Always color coordinate if need be. Sometimes pairing colors works, like white and black, or beige and brown, or light springy colors.
-If you're in suprisingly good shape still, even into your 50s, flaunt that sexy bod. Look in magazines or on the Internet for swimsuits that you can wear to flaunt certain parts of your body. For example, when it comes to me, I like to wear swimsuits with boyshort bottoms or regular swim trunk bottoms so it takes attention away from my somewhat big hips I inherited from my annoyance of an aunt.
-If you're a dedicated follower of fashion, do what my sis does, color coordinate. As for me, I don't really do that, I just pair a T-shirt with a pair of nice jeans and I'm off.
-When going on a date, try and dress nice, not like wedding nice, but casual and nice. Try and pair a nice blouse with a pair of cargo pants and maybe some dressy sandals. Or maybe a nice summery sundress with a pair of sandals. Or if it's winter, try a nice turtleneck sweater, with a pair of nice jeans and boots. So that way you can stay fashionable and also warm and toasty.
-When going to a job interview, dress nice. You really want to give your possible future employer a good message about you. If you do not own dress shoes, but you do own a pair of nice sandals, go with that, I know I do. Wear some kind of light color, black, beige usually work, along with a nice pretty light pink color and basically any kind of light color would more than likely work. Because you want to give off a good impression, almost convince that person to hire you because you have good skills and can dress to impress. And when it comes to clothing, do not wear anything that shows off body parts, keep body art hidden, wear a pair of nice cargo pants or slacks, and a nice button up shirt or blouse. Those things always work for me, but then again, I usually wear the same kinds of clothes my mom wears.