Fads of the 1970s

Whenever I think of or hear the 1970s, I'm tempted to think of discotheques, singers and people wearing jumpsuits, and roller disco. Here are some fads of the 1970s

Muscle Cars
Star Wars anything
CB Radios and CB Radio sayings, like "breaker breaker" and "that's a 10-4 good buddy"
Creepy Crawlers
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Platform shoes

Big Wheels

String Art
Banana-seat bikes
Slip N' Side
Mood rings
Bean Bag chairs
Rockem Sockem Robots
Silly Putty
Magic 8 Ball(have one!)
Lite Brite
View Master
8-track Tape Player
Strobe lights
Peace bandanas
Hot Pants. Made popular by Catherine Bach on The Dukes of Hazzard
Pop Rocks
Shag rugs
Easy Bake Ovens
Sand Art
Dashboard Hula Girls
Model kits