Cute UK Guys :)

IDK why, but there is something strangely sexy about some guys from the UK. I don't know if their accents or what. I don't know what it is that they're putting in the water in the UK to make guys there hot, but they need to put it in to the water here!!!
Believe me, I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo pathetic!!!

And for some reason, a friend of mine at Gateway always jokes around saying "What is it with chicks and Brits?"

-Mick Jagger
-Daniel Radcliffe
-Rupert Grint

-Callum Blue
-Jamie Bamber
He's cute! Arrest me, lol!!
-Richard Hammond
-Jim Sturgess
-Orlando Bloom
-Clive Owen. He's kinda cute in a rough looking way.

-Liam Neeson. He looks very good for his age. It's so sad what happened to his wife. And I think Liam Neeson is a very good actor. He's one of my favorites. Such a good actor too!!
-Steve Valentine
-Gerard Butler

-Robert Carlyle
-Ioan Gruffudd