Christmas Shopping

You know how every year when the holidays roll around, you always have this little 'list' of things you have to get or just want to get for others? Well, I recently got some money from selling some schoolbooks. Here's what I sort of want to get everyone:

Greg(My step dad)
-CD of Def Leppard's greatest hits
-A new pair of slippers, size 9 1/2-10
-1st season of Mike and Molly

Brenda(My mom)
-A new wallet
-A sock monkey. My sister has her hooked on these things
-A charm for her bracelet

Jessie(My sis)
-A charm for her bracelet, anything ice cream related, rock and roll related or tropical
-New York Yankee Monopoly. She loves the game Monopoly, and the New York Yankees are her fave team. Combine the best of both worlds
-New CD of Nickelback

So as you can see, I've got quite a load on me. But I know where to go to get it cheap, when to go to avoid stupid people crowding like nuts. But I just want this Christmas to be good.