Sylvester Stallone in photos

Rocky- Rocky Balboa

Nighthawks- Det. Sgt. Deak DaSilva

Facial hair don't look so good on him

First Blood- John Rambo

Cobra- Lt. Marion 'Cobra' Cobretti

The blonde woman was his wife at the time, Brigitte Nielsen-Stallone

Rambo: First Blood pt. II- John Rambo

Over the Top- Lincoln Hawk

Tango & Cash- Det. Ray Tango

He looks good with glasses

Rocky IV- Rocky Balboa

Cliffhanger- Gabe Walker

The Specialist- Ray Quick

I would give my left arm to be her. I bet he smells so good, :D

If I came home to this, I'd scream bloody murder!!! Man he's hot!!!!

Judge Dredd- Joseph Dredd

Rambo- John Rambo