Rambo (2008)

To give a general description, John Rambo is hired by a church pastor to help rescue a group of missionaries who were kidnapped by brutal Burmese military officers. This movie is dedicated to Richard Crenna, who played Colonel Sam Trautman, who died in 2003


20 years after the fighting in Afghanistan from Rambo III, Pa Tee Tint (Maung Maung Khin) leads an army of Tatmadaw soldiers to pillage small villages in a campaign of fear. To him, watching innocent villagers forced into a field laced with landmines is fun, he orders his men to abduct young men to force into his army. U.S. Army soldier John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) now lives in Thailand in a remote village near the Burmese border where he makes a living capturing snakes and taxiing people up/down the Salween River in his boat.  One day, he is approached by a missionary named Michael Burnett (Paul Schulze) who says he needs help, he says that he and his group have to be ferried into Burma on a humanitarian mission to provide aid to Karen tribespeople. Rambo refuses, claiming that without weapons, there will be no changes, but he is eventually convinced by the other missionary Sarah Miller (Julie Benz).

During their trip, the boat is stopped by river pirates who demand an exchange- Sarah for passage. After negotiations, Rambo kills the pirates and burns their bodies to conceal the evidence. Michael is greatly disturbed at Rambo's actions, when they arrive in Burma he says the group will travel by road and not need him for the return trip. Everything goes fine until Major Tint and his army attack the village, slaughtering many, including some of the missionaries, and kidnapping the rest, including Sarah and Michael. When they fail to return after 10 days, their pastor (Ken Howard) comes to ask Rambo's help in guiding a team of 5 mercenaries to help find them.

Rambo agrees, and accompanies them to the drop off point. He offers help but the team's leader Lewis Reese (Graham McTavish), an ex Special Air Service operative demands he stay by the boat. As they arrive at the village, a group of Tatmadaw soldiers is playing a game with a group of villagers which goes like this: several active landmines are tossed into a rice paddy through which the prisoners have to run. The soldiers place bets on who will step on a hidden mine. The team takes cover to standby and observe. The mercenaries then learn that Rambo is not a simple boatman when he single handedly wipes out all the Tatmadaw soldiers with his bow and arrows, thus freeing the villagers.

Rambo convinces the team to avenge the massacre and save hostages at the gulag-style POW camp after he witnesses the destroyed village filled with bloody massacred bodies. Rambo and the mercenaries infiltrate the camp with stealth and they successfully locate Sarah and other prisoners and flee with them. Tint quickly learns of the situation and investigates with his army.  The Tatmadaw recapture everyone except Rambo, Sarah and a mercenary nicknamed School Boy, the group's sniper (Matthew Marsden). Just as the mercenaries and hostages are about to be killed, Rambo hijacks a jeep with a mounted .50 calliber machine gun and wipes away all the Tatmadaw soldiers. Tint hides as the slaughter occurs and kills one of the missionaries. The Tatmadaw, come close to victory but then the Karen rebels show up and join the fight, wiping out numerous soldiers. Tint, realizing defeat, attempts to escape, but Rambo catches him and disembowels him.

Encouraged by Sarah's words of returning home to see if it changed, he travels to the United States and returns home to Arizona, walking along a rural highway past a horse farm and a rusted mailbox with the name R. Rambo

Did You Know?

-Maung Maung Khin, who played Tint, fought for the real Karen rebels in real life. He was afraid if he took the role his family would be killed.
-This is the first Rambo movie to show Rambo with a shirt on at all times. In the other ones, he was always shirtless, but the reason he was not shirtless in this one is he was getting extensive tattoo work on both shoulders which he started getting in late July 2007