Native Americans/American Indians

How can people honestly think this way about people? Seriously, it's ridiculous!!

Trail of Tears: forced relocation and movement of Native Americans from present day. Today it's considered an act of genocide. Good, it's a law to do something bad to the Indians. This removal included many members of the Cherokee, Seminole, Creek, Choctaw tribes. Out of the 15,000 Indians that were "relocated", 4,000 died from exposure, disease, starvation

There are 562 known Indian reservations in the US. The poorest reservation in the US is the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Shannon County, South Dakota. The conditions aren't exactly 5 star resort on reservations, with an abundance of suicide, unemployment, short life expectancies, rampant drug/alcohol abuse, infant mortality, poverty

The largest Indian tribes to date are the Cherokee, Choctaw, Navajo, Sioux, Apache, Chippewa, Blackfoot, Iroquois, Pueblo.

Sometimes things between the American Indian tribes and govt. can explode into violence. Most notably the Wounded Knee incident. On Feb. 27, 1973, 400 members of the American Indian Movement took control of Wounded Knee. Local cops and US military were called in to help. And at the nearby Pine Ridge Reservation, 2 FBI agents were killed by Leonard Peltier because they were trying to arrest someone who wanted in on an armed robbery. He is currently serving 2 life sentences.