My Favorite Action Movies

Yup, I tend to watch movies alot when I'm bored. I have a varied taste in movies, except movies with sex scenes that are dragged out, excessive cussing, excessive blood/gore.

*-ones I like
^-ones I've seen




^*Dirty Harry
^Magnum Force
^*The Man with the Golden Gun
^The Towering Inferno
^Smokey and the Bandit


^The Empire Strikes Back
^*First Blood
^*Beverly Hills Cop
^*Rambo:First Blood pt. II
^To Live and Die in L.A.
^*Beverly Hills Cop II
^*Above the Law
^Midnight Run
^*Black Rain
^*Tango and Cash
^Road House


^*Hard to Kill
^*****Freejack. This is sci-fi and action. OMG, I loooooooove this movie.
^*On Deadly Ground
^*The Glimmer Man
^Fire Down Below
^Black Dog
^*Lethal Weapon 4
^*The Replacement Killers
^*The Corruptor

^*Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
^*Kiss of the Dragon

^*Bulletproof Monk
^*Shanghai Knights
^*The Punisher
^*Van Helsing
^The Warlords
^*Rush Hour 3