25 Random Facts

I was inspired by another blogger's post, 25 random facts about themselves. Well, I figure maybe it would make for an interesting post. I'm a little slow right now, seeing as how I just got up around 9am, and figured maybe get in one post today.

Random Facts

1.  I love to drink coffee

2. I'm totally addicted to the song Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5

3. My 2 fave 60s bands are The Beatles and The Rolling Stones

4. I'm probably the only and I mean ONLY girl who thinks Mick Jagger is sexy, idk why

5. I live with my mom and stepdad and sister

6. I love to read

7. My fashion sense seems stuck somewhere in the 60s, either American Woodstock 1960s and Swinging London 1960s

8. My favorite R&B, soul singers are Alicia Keys and Seal

9. My favorite movies are The Full Monty and Freejack, Kiss of the Dragon and Romeo Must Die, Love Actually and Across the Universe

10. I started this blog back in 2010 as an assignment in class and I have not stopped on this blog like my other class mates have

11. My favorite actors are Hugh Jackman, Jet Li, Chow Yun-fat, Eddie Murphy, Denzel Washington

12. My favorite actresses are Halle Berry, Lucy Liu, Marisa Tomei, Michelle Yeoh and Queen Latifah

13. According to my mom, I'm a reincarnated hippie from the 1960s

14. I think I seriously belong in either the American Woodstock 1960s or Swinging London 1960s.

15. I'm a total history dork, I find history fascinating

16. I can speak Spanish better than my classmates

17. I love to meet new people

18. I love to help people

19. My favorite TV shows are Law and Order: SVU, Top Gear UK, Primeval UK, and Criminal Minds

20. I'm really thinking about changing my career field to photography, graphic design doesn't seem like it's going anywhere fast!

21. I'm pretty shy and quiet, but if I meet someone new, I open up pretty quickly

22. To me, Denzel Washington is gorgeous!!

23. My stepdad keeps getting me hooked on stuff he likes

24. I really suck at playing pool

25. I wish I had a job. I've been looking for over a year, but nothing!!!