1970s Pop Culture


-June 29, 1972: Supreme Court rules death penalty is unconstitutional
-Jan. 18, 1977: scientists identify bacteria known to cause mysterious Legionnaire's Disease
-May 28, 1977: Worst disaster EVER! One of the most deadly nightclub fires EVER!!! The Beverly Hills Supper Club in Newport, Ky, burned to the ground on this night, killing 163 people, 2 more dying from their injuries and injuring over 200.
-Roe v. Wade: court ruling overturns state laws prohibiting 1st and 2nd trimester abortions

-The Beatles release their Let It Be album, which will be the last studio album they release together before they break up
-British director Stanley Kubrick releases A Clockwork Orange
-Charles Manson found guilty of the murder of Sharon Tate and her unborn child
-Rioting for better reforms results in a bloodbath, leaving 10 guards and 32 prisoners dead in Attica State Prison in Buffalo, N.Y. after other guards seized control
-Roots appears on TV and is the most watched show in history
-David Berkowitz, aka The Son of Sam, recieves life in prison for 6 murders
-Sex Pistols front man Sid Vicious dies at 22 from heroin overdose
-Anti Apartheid activist Steven Biko is found dead after an apparent beating in a South African jail cell

Steven Biko
 -Elvis is found dead
-Margaret Thatcher becomes first female Prime Minsister in England(Great Britain, either one)

She looks like a nice lady. Margaret Thatcher
  -Sony Walkman is introduced
-The Tv series Roots appears
-3 Mile Island incident. 3 Mile Island in New Jersey has a meltdown
-Jonestown Massacre: Jim Jones and followers commit mass suicide by drinking cyanide laced juice in Guyana
-Kent State Shooting: 4 students were gunned down by Nat'l Guard at Kent State University in Ohio after protesting Vietnam.
-American Top 40, hosted by DJ Casey Kasem, becomes first national radio show with a countdown of songs
-Watergate scandal: 5 men break into the Watergate office
-New York blackout lasts for 25 hours, resulting in mass looting and other crimes
-Nov. 27, 1978: Harvey Milk, San Francisco's first openly gay politician, is assassinated by Dan White

Harvey Milk


-Ned Kelly
-Man with the Golden Gun
-The Godfather
-The Godfather
-One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
-A Clockwork Orange
-The Rocky Horror Picture Show
-American Grafitti
-The French Connection
-The Deer Hunter
-Monty Python and the Holy Grail
-Dirty Harry
-Fiddler on the Roof
-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
-Monty Python's Life of Brian
-The Poseidon Adventure
-The Towering Inferno
-Dog Day Afternoon
-Saturday Night Fever


-Earth, Wind and Fire
-The Commodores
-Donna Summer

Wow, she's beautful

-The Bee Gees
-Rod Stewart

Hmm, pretty cute. He's actually still pretty cute. He may b older, but still kind of cute

-Ringo Starr
-Bruce Springsteen
-David Bowie

WTF? What's with the boots?

-Elton John
-John Denver
-Jimmy Buffett
-Grand Funk Railroad
-Lynyrd Skynyrd
-Three Dog Night
-Paul McCartney
-The Blue Oyster Cult
-Billy Joel
-John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band
-Led Zeppelin
I like the one in the middle back row, with the star on his eye. Paul Stanley  OMG!!!!! He's sooooo cute outside that makeup!!!!!

-The Sweet
-The Knack

People Born/Famous

Celebs of the Day
-Al Pacino
-Robert De Niro
-Sylvester Stallone
-Jack Nicholson
-Farrah Fawcett
-Jaclyn Smith
-Kate Jackson
-Marlon Brando
-Dustin Hoffman
-Malcolm McDowell
-Meryl Streep
-Susan Sarandon
People Born
-Enrique Iglesias
-Masi Oka
-Kate Winslet
-Freddie Prinze Jr.
-Johnny Knoxville
-Orlando Bloom
-Liv Tyler
-Jada Pinkett-Smith
-Ziyi Zhang
-Gabrielle Union
-Adrien Brody
-Gwyneth Paltrow
-Reese Witherspoon
-Queen Latifah